IT-Weekly review (02.11 - 08.11): the first Tier IV data center in Eastern Europe and the largest migration of SAP systems in the Russian market

IT-Weekly review (02.11 – 08.11): the first Tier IV data center in Eastern Europe and the largest migration of SAP systems in the Russian market

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Gennady Belash | 11/08/2020

IT-Weekly review (02.11 - 08.11): the first Tier IV data center in Eastern Europe and the largest migration of SAP systems in the Russian market

Last week it was finally calculated that artificial intelligence harvesters harvested 720 thousand tons of crops… The Russian system of autonomous control of agricultural machinery Cognitive Agro Pilot, developed by Sberbank and Cognitive Pilot company, was installed on 350 combines, it passed the industrial
use in 35 regions of Russia during the harvest in 2020.

Tier IV is the highest level in the data center classification system assigned by the Uptime Institute. In total, there are about 50 facilities in the world that have a Tier IV certificate, even in the USA there are such facilities
only four. Company DataPro has built the first data center DataPro Moscow II, corresponding to the Tier reliability level
in Eastern Europe.

X5 Retail Group recently completed one of the largest SAP system migrations in the Russian market. IN
the functional scope of the project included 11 systems, including SAP ERP, with a total data volume of 150 TB… X5 became the only company to migrate SAP ERP with such a large base
data without stopping the company’s business processes.

MTS announced the sale AFK Sistema, a Russian holding company and a shareholder of MTS, 100% of shares in JSC NVision
Group “
for 401 million rubles.

In the global financial market On November 2, prices for Brent crude dropped sharply to $ 36.16. A week earlier, this price was around $ 42.5. ended the month outside the $ 40-45 range by
around $ 37.46. Recall that in early October, black gold was trading at $ 42.20. The approaching voting day in the USA had a strong impact on the oil price. At the end of the week, oil prices
returned to the region of $ 40 a barrel.

The dynamics of the Russian currency rate this week will be almost entirely dependent on the results of the US elections. If on November 3 the dollar was worth 80.57 rubles, then on November 7 – 77.19 rubles.

The OMNIK company has created a parcel machine that consists of 65% of Russian components and is assembled at a Russian production base. Within the framework of joint work, the created consortium
companies plans to increase this figure to 78%. Original electronic components “OMNIK” will be transferred to the production facilities of “Aquarius” on the basis of which
mass production.

Concerning new appointments in the IT market, then MTS announced the appointment of Artur Sizov as director for work with the business market of MTS in St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region, who since 2018
headed the MTS branch in Chuvashia.

Lev Matveev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform, was elected to the Board of the RUSSOFT IT Developers Association.

Rostec will develop uniform standards for creating a “Safe City”

Softline Group acquires Aplana Group’s software development outsourcing business

Gazprom Neft launches into commercial operation the Digital Twin of Seismic Exploration

Jack Ma disrupted IPO of Alibaba subsidiary… Ant Group’s initial placement was supposed to take place on November 5, but now the process can be postponed for at least six months. According to the original plan
the company could raise about $ 37 billion, but on November 3, it announced the suspension of its listing in Shanghai and Hong Kong due to tougher fintech regulation


Data analytics startup Merlion becomes a resident of Skolkovo

AnalyticsHub is the first business project of Merlion Group of Companies to receive this status. By 2023, the consulting company plans to increase its revenue to 300 million rubles.

The author’s project AnalyticsHub has successfully passed the Skolkovo design expertise.

At the end of 2019, the first year of its existence, the company entered the TOP-30 among Russian companies in the field of data analytics in terms of revenue.

The analytical system “AHUB Forecasting”, which AnalyticsHub presented in the application for the expert committee, provides high-precision forecasting of energy consumption and automation of related
business processes of power companies, as well as industrial companies with energy-intensive production.


Kyocera Document Solutions Russia announced the signing of an agreement with Info Technology Supply Ltd

Now Kyocera has become the only official supplier of Umango software in the Russian Federation. Umango software helps its users to digitize and extract data from documents. Umango automates
workflow by processing and storing scanned documents and documents created by other applications. This software is easily integrated into existing EDMS, accounting systems and
into the print and scan management systems of the client company and can drastically reduce the time for processing documents.


Softline Group acquires Aplana Group of Companies’ software development outsourcing business

The Aplana Group of Companies remains the owner of the Aplana brand. About 200 employees will join the Softline team in three development centers (in Moscow, Voronezh and Ufa) with expertise in a number of key
verticals, such as finance, automotive business, logistics, etc. For Softline, the purchase of a new asset signifies the creation on the basis of the holding of a major international player with competencies in
the field of custom development. These competencies will help more than 60 thousand customers in 50 countries of presence to adequately meet the challenges of digital transformation.

New products

A neurologist from Yakutia has created video games for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy …

Russian scientists have created a prototype of the world’s most sensitive video camera

Scientists from the NTI Center for Quantum Communications of NUST MISIS presented the world’s first prototype of a video detector for infrared photons – a camera so powerful that it can “see” the movement of single
particles of such radiation. The device will find application in areas where high-precision measurements are required: secure (quantum) communications, quantum computing, diagnostic medicine.

The updated Docsvision platform supports PostgreSQL.

A new version of the Docsvision platform has been released, improved in the area of ​​speed, stability and scalability, and supports work with PostgreSQL and Postgres Pro DBMS. Now support
domestic DBMS included in the official release of the platform 5.5.2

The bulk of oil production in Russia takes place at old fields.

To give the wells a “second life”, scientists from the Perm Polytechnic University and the St. Petersburg Mining University have developed for the first time a complex methodology based on artificial intelligence. Program
will analyze all factors and predict the volume of “black gold”. The scientists published the results of the work in the journal
“Georesources”. They conducted the research with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Concern Avtomatika presented a modernized mobile radio station for underwater communications IVA S / W. It has a reduced weight, allows you to communicate and transfer data underwater to
distance up to 150 meters. In this case, the signal can pass through the “water-ice-air” interface. An experimental batch is planned to be manufactured early next year.

IVA S / W is a joint solution of Kalugapribor JSC, part of the Avtomatika concern, and the Haytech company. The device allows you to organize communication in intermediate layers of water, in conditions
hydroacoustic noise, as well as in the presence of such obstacles in the path of signal propagation as algae, artificial and natural obstacles. Signal transmission range does not depend on
waves of water, changes in its temperature, underwater currents.


The companies “Systematika”, “OMNIK” and “Aquarius” announced cooperation

as part of the development of contactless self-service systems for buyers in the Russian Federation with the aim of import substitution of these products.

As a result of the creation of the consortium, a synergistic effect will be obtained by combining competencies covering all stages of self-service product implementation: from design and design
equipment (parcel terminals), business model testing, electronic component development, manufacturing, logistics and technical support.

The cooperation of the companies is aimed at import substitution. To date, the OMNIK company has created a parcel machine, which consists of 65% of components from Russian manufacturers, the assembly of which
is carried out at a Russian production base. As part of the joint work, the consortium of companies plans to increase this figure to 78%. Original OMNIK electronic components will be
transferred to the production facilities of “Aquarius”, on the basis of which mass production will be organized.

Results of activities

Harvesters with artificial intelligence harvested 720 thousand tons of crop

The system of autonomous control of agricultural machinery using artificial intelligence Cognitive Agro Pilot, developed by Sberbank and Cognitive Pilot, has been industrialized in 35
regions of Russia during the harvest in 2020.

From June to October 2020, more than 350 combines equipped with Cognitive Agro Pilot in autonomous mode processed over 160 thousand hectares of areas and harvested more than 720 thousand tons of crops.

Through the use of unmanned technologies Cognitive Agro Pilot during this harvesting season, the cumulative scale of savings – on fuel, related materials, reduced harvest time
(number of operating hours) and active work of combines, depreciation of equipment, extension of the period of active operation of equipment to capital investment, reduction of the human factor, optimization
business processes and other parameters – amounted to more than 500 million rubles.

Information Security

Rostelecom will build a cyber training ground in Sirius for training young specialists …

InfoWatch Group of Companies announces the release of a new integrated solution InfoWatch ARMA, including
three products for ensuring information security of automated process control systems, which can act as independent means of protecting information, and be integrated with each other. Thanks to new
products – InfoWatch ARMA Industrial Endpoint and InfoWatch ARMA Management Console, as well as the new version 3.5 of InfoWatch ARMA Industrial Firewall, a comprehensive solution allows you to effectively build
multi-stage protection of critical information infrastructure (CII) objects from modern cyber threats.

Infosecurity and Multifactor announced the signing of a technology partnership agreement in the direction of multi-factor authentication and user access control. System
Multifactor will expand the Infosecurity portfolio.

Doctor Web and Rostelecom-Solar have announced the release of a new version web security gateway Solar webProxy 3.4 with integrated Dr.Web anti-virus protection module. As part of the implementation
For this project, the companies entered into a technological cooperation agreement. Antivirus is now included in the standard Solar webProxy package as a fully functional module.

Data centers

DataPro built the first data center DataPro Moscow II, corresponding to the Tier IV reliability level in Eastern Europe

Tier IV is the highest level in the Uptime Institute classification system. Facilities built and certified to Tier IV. In total, there are about 50 facilities in the world that have a Tier IV certificate,
even in the US there are only four such facilities.

The total capacity of the new DataPro data center is 1,600 rack spaces. At the moment, the first stage for 800 stands has been commissioned. The second stage (for 800 stands) will
available until the end of 2020. At the same time, the total number of racks in DataPro data centers will grow to 3600, which will allow the company to take the second place in the Russian market of commercial data centers.

International Certification Company Uptime Institute

confirmed the compliance of the data centers on the basis of which the Softline cloud was deployed to the Tier 3 standard. A comprehensive audit showed that the level of availability of data centers is 99.982%, so the time
forced downtime of equipment will not exceed 1 hour 35 minutes per year.


Rosbank will join Rusfinance Bank in 2021
Rosbank’s Board of Directors made a decision to merge subsidiary Rusfinance Bank with Rosbank, which following the results of 9 months of 2020
of the year is the leader of the Russian car loan market for the issuance of car loans (Frank RG).

The state

State Corporation Rostec will develop standards for the EMERCOM of Russia project

on the development of the hardware and software complex “Safe City”. The corresponding contract was concluded following the results of competitive procedures between the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the National Center for Informatization (included in

Until the end of 2022, NCI will carry out comprehensive research and development work, which will create a system of interagency interaction, end-to-end transmission and
information processing in a single information space.


Tele2 launches delivery of SIM-cards from Yandex.Taxi in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region …

MTS announced the launch of eSIM technology. Virtual SIM-cards are available for connection to subscribers in all regions of MTS presence …

MTS sells NVision Group

MTS announced the sale of Sistema JSFC, a Russian holding company and a shareholder of MTS, 100% of NVision Group shares for 401 million rubles, taking into account a possible adjustment of the amount depending on
revised financial indicators at the closing date of the transaction. The transaction amount was determined based on an independent assessment by KPMG.

MTS sells to AFK Sistema the assets of NVision Group related to the system integration business, with the exception of those involved in the formation of MTS’s product portfolio. Billing system FORIS
BSS / OSS, which was previously an asset of NVision Group, also remains in MTS. MTS received all the necessary permits and approvals for the transaction.

IAA TelecomDaily: 24 Mbps is the average speed of mobile Internet in Russia

In October, in Russia as a whole, the fastest among the operators of the Quartet with the mobile Internet service was MegaFon. In terms of average and maximum data transfer rates, the company outstripped
the rest by two or more times.

The average speed of MegaFon is approaching 40 Mbit / s, while Tele2, which closes the four, is approaching 14.5 Mbit / s. Due to the even results of MTS and VimpelCom, the average speed of mobile Internet in Russia
exceeds 20 Mbps.

The Svyaznoy company expands the geography of delivery of goods from the online store By the end of November, the retailer will connect delivery to another 6 thousand PickPoint checkpoints located in 600 cities of the country.

Tele2 is expanding cooperation with Samsung in a new direction:

the company is moving to direct cooperation for the supply of equipment in addition to marketing activities. This format of work will improve the quality of the vendor’s presence in the retail assortment
Tele2, will increase the commercial efficiency of joint actions, as well as stimulate joint work in the field of promoting new technologies. Samsung has a solid # 1 sales position in
Tele2 stores and by the number of devices registered in the operator’s network – with a share of 30% and 24%, respectively.

Service maintenance

VTB Bank has launched a new service “Passenger Personal Account”

providing residents and guests of the capital with the opportunity to view information about trips made on all types of public transport in Moscow using bank cards.


Lenta summed up the first results of the ordering and self-pickup service

Click & collect, which is powered by SAP Commerce Cloud e-commerce cloud platform. At the moment, the service has been launched in 150 Lenta hypermarkets throughout the territory
Russia. At the same time, the average purchase order through the system is more than 2 times higher than the standard average check in Lenta stores.

M.Video-Eldorado Group of Companies has expanded the range of equipment under its own brands Novex and Hi and began selling more than 100 models of large and small household appliances – hobs,
ovens, hoods, electric kettles, blenders, mixers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair clippers, 70 more models will appear by the end of the year. The first private label products for two chains were
TVs: in the third quarter, Novex TVs took 7% in piece sales of M.Video, Hi – 15% in Eldorado.

Wildberries to launch fresh food sales and express delivery

Wildberries announced the launch of the fulfillment by sellers (FBS) supply scheme, thanks to which sellers of the online platform will be able to move to Wildberries’ lowest trading commission of 5%, and
also offer customers a wide range of products, including a new fresh food category and express delivery.

Smartphone sales under the trade-in program at M.Video have grown 20 times over the year thanks to automatic evaluation of old gadgets

M.Video network has launched an updated program to exchange old smartphones for new ones at a discount. Now store visitors can trade-in a device of any brand and get a discount up to
50,000 rubles to buy a new one using an automated assessment – the condition of the old phone and the discount for the new one are determined by special software. During the last quarter, the number of purchases in
As part of the exchange of an old smartphone with a discount for a new one, M.Video has increased 20 times, the amount of benefits for buyers has grown by 30%.

X5 Retail Group has completed one of the largest SAP system migrations in the Russian market

X5 Retail Group, розничная компания, управляющая торговыми сетями «Пятёрочка», «Перекрёсток» и «Карусель», вместе с SAP завершила проект миграции своих IT-систем в российский ЦОД. В функциональный
объем проекта вошли 11 систем, включая SAP ERP, с общим объемом данных 150 Тбайт. Х5 стала единственной компанией, которая совершила миграцию SAP ERP со столь крупной базой данных без остановки
бизнес-процессов компании.


Северсталь внедрила инструмент Intelligent Business Cloud by Celonis,

который продолжает развитие системы SAP Process Mining by Celonis по процессам управления закупками (SAP P2P) и управления поставщиками (SAP SRM). Решение дополняет ранее настроенные дашборды
системой уведомлений с использованием прогнозной аналитики и системой управления ключевыми показателями эффективности.

Программные роботы помогают решать бизнес-задачи в ТМК

«Трубная металлургическая компания» (ТМК) внедряет в бизнес-процессы программных роботов для исследований рынка, работы с персоналом и решения административных вопросов. Пилотный проект по
роботизации процессов (RPA, Robotic Process Automation) внедрен в дирекции по маркетингу ТМК, где технология позволила в пять раз ускорить выполнение ряда задач.

Программный «робот-маркетолог» разработан совместно с Центром компетенций RPA и инноваций «ММК-Информсервис». Он готовит данные для еженедельного обзора рынков мирового бурения, цен на стальные
полуфабрикаты и нефть. Робот собирает информацию из разных источников, проверяет корректность собранных данных и сводит их в таблицы, графики и диаграммы.

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