IT-Weekly Review (12/23 - 12/29/2019)

IT-Weekly Review (12/23 – 12/29/2019)

Gennady Belash


Gazprom Neft and IKS Holding set up a joint venture,

which will be engaged in the development of digital products for the oil and gas industry and their introduction in the Russian and foreign markets.

The new enterprise development strategy is focused on solving the problems of digital transformation of the oil and gas industry with the use of Industry 4.0 technologies. Among the promising projects is the system
support for investment decision-making when working with oil and gas fields, computer-based industrial security solutions, and a process automation tool
integrated modeling for mining assets.

Gazprom Neft specialists will provide industry expertise and approbation of new technological developments on industrial assets, and the company Nexign, which is a part of ICS Holding, will be engaged
implementation of software product development processes, as well as development teams.

About 150 specialists will work on solving the technological problems of the company in 2020.

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has acquired 13567 licenses of the Russian software “MyOffice Standard” for 69 159 139 rubles.

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has acquired non-exclusive licenses with the possibility of technical support and renewal within one year. They can be installed in any FIU unit across the country.

New Products

IVK Group develops an ecosystem of peripheral equipment,

compatible with Alt 8 JV OS. The test results confirm the compatibility and correctness of working in the Alt 8 JV environment of Epson device drivers (printers, scanners and MFPs).

MyOffice launches voice comment feature

For the first time in the world, office commenters have the function of audio commentary – the ability to create and work with voice notes from the mobile application “MyOffice Documents”. now users
may dictate comments on texts or tables rather than typing them on the keyboard.

Within the MyOffice ecosystem, users will be able to record, listen to, pause, or delete audio comments, double the speed of playback, and navigate to anywhere audio
tracks. Unlike third-party office software, which uses a dangerous voice input feature that is handled on third-party remote servers, audio comments are stored in MyOffice
inside the document itself and are not transmitted for decryption by third-party services, which provides control over user data. The feature is available on all software and hardware platforms.

GC Astra Linux and Industrial Technologies Corporation have announced

on the conclusion of a technological partnership Astra Linux with
Aerospace Systems, Which is a part of Promtex, and completion of tests for the correct functioning of CAD “Max” in the environment of Astra OS
Linux. As a result of system testing, their compatibility has been officially confirmed. The partnership envisages the development of business direction in the formation, promotion, implementation and support
domestic high-tech solutions for creating automated secure systems based on Astra Linux operating systems.

The main task of CAD “Max” is to automate the process of designing cable networks and pipeline systems in the engineering divisions of enterprises engaged in designing and manufacturing
complex electrical and hydraulic systems and equipment.

MTS has integrated the Internet of Things protocols into a single interface

MTS announces the launch of SCEF technology on the NB-IoT network, which allows for the interaction of any devices with the Internet of Things through a single interface.

The technology was tested by MTS customers in the fields of agriculture, power engineering, developers of door and gas meters, water and heat metering systems. Implementation partner was systemic
the Integration Group integrator, which is part of the MTS Group. The service is integrated into the M2M Manager platform, which allows application and product developers to manage connected devices
using different standards: 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT. More than four thousand corporate customers use the MTS Internet of Things platform.

Introduced import-independent “Galaxy EAM” based on Postgres Pro DBMS

High Performance Indicators of Two Domestic Products Galaxy and Postgres Professional Confirmed During Joint Galaxy Testing
EAM »on the new version of Postgres Pro DBMS.

The tests were performed using a new component of the Postgres Pro database management system – a built-in connection pool, dramatically increasing the number possible at the same time
processed client sessions. At peak loads of 5,000 concurrent users, the EAM Galaxy system processed over 100 million documents a day, performing operations on
search, open, adjust, create and save new documents in the database.

results of activity

IDC EMEA: in the third quarter of 2019 it was put on the Russian market

33,334 servers of all types worth $ 266.74 million. Compared to the same period last year, the number of servers delivered decreased by 16.9%, but the volume of deliveries increased in cash
expression by 6.5%.

Quarterly deliveries of servers of standard x86-architecture occupied 99,3% in quantitative and 88,7% in monetary terms. At the same time, deliveries decreased by 17.1% in quantitative terms. IN
the RISC segment saw an increase in deliveries. Thus, in quantitative terms, this segment grew by 61.6% compared to the same period last year.

According to the results of the quarter, HPE took the leading position in the delivered server solutions of x86-architecture. A number of vendors have shown positive growth rates. These include Dell Technologies, Lenovo and
Fujitsu. The aggregate share of the top five vendors accounted for 72.5% of all shipped x86 standard server servers. The segment of domestic manufacturers continued to show
steady growth. The largest share in the volume of deliveries is demonstrated by blade and rack systems.

Moscow’s export volume increased by more than 15%

Total non-commodity non-energy exports of Moscow in the first ten months of 2019 alone amounted to $ 21.9 billion, with an increase in exports compared to the same period
last year was 15.05%. As of 2018, Russia has climbed three lines in the ranking of the largest exporting countries and finished 28th.

The main commodities of metropolitan export were: mechanical equipment, computers. A total of $ 4.9 billion worth of goods were shipped to this group.

The first place among the key export partners from Moscow is the United Kingdom. In the first ten months of 2019, the country purchased $ 3.4 billion in capital goods from metropolitan enterprises
Kazakhstan is second with $ 2.11 billion worth of exports to Belarus. Capital producers have shipped $ 2.10 billion worth of goods to Belarus. Turkey is ranked fourth with $ 1.6 billion in turnover.
The top 5 countries exported by Moscow manufacturers are the United States. A total of $ 1.5 billion worth of Moscow products were exported from January to October in the United States.

the results Intel

Business growth in the third quarter was 13% due to data technology solutions. Annual revenue forecast up to $ 71 billion

Intel introduced Project Athena, a new industry standard for laptops.

The second generation Intel Xeon Scalable server platform, with Intel Deep Learning Boost (Intel DL Boost) technology, accelerates neural network performance. Also use permanent
Intel Optane DC memory, provides a significant expansion of RAM.

Intel has introduced a new programming language for Data Parallel C ++ (DPC ++). It is an element of the open source model of oneAPI, a toolkit that facilitates the process
writing code for heterogeneous platforms. The first DPC ++ hackathon was organized in Nizhny Novgorod on December 1, 2019 for students. Learning a new C ++ language,
it took only a few hours.

One of the new trends in PCs next year may be renting high-performance systems. Yes, HYPERPC, a manufacturer of premium computers in Russia, has leased in 2019
gaming computers on Intel processors. Already, 70% of the systems in their affiliate clubs are delivered under a leasing scheme.

Informational security

ESET and MTS are launching a number of new services.

MTS subscribers now have the following services available: Antivirus subscription ESET
NOD32 Internet Security
, ESET NOD32 Parental
and ESET NOD32 Mobile Security.
The goal of company collaboration is to make the Internet safer for everyone.

MIS of the Tyumen region on the basis of “1C: Medicine” received the certificate

FSTEC on compliance with the requirements of FZ-152 “About personal data”

Resource Center “1C-Medicine-Region” announces that the State IP of management of resources of medical organizations of the Tyumen region (IP of URMO TO), created on the basis of software products
of the line “1C: Medicine” and the protected software complex “1C: Enterprise 8.3z”, has passed the FSTEC certification procedure and meets the requirements of the regulatory documentation for information

The system is a component of the state IP “Regional segment of the Unified state IP in the field of health” (RS EGISZ), has 2 class and 2 levels of security.

Data Centers

Selectel introduced a catastrophic cluster “Clouds based on VMware»

in the Moscow region. The solution ensures uninterrupted IP work. VMware Stretched vSAN technology is at the heart of the development.

The cluster will be deployed at two independent Tier3 infrastructure sites. In the event of an emergency, the virtual location restarts the virtual machines in the backup. probability
downtime or malfunctioning of IPs and applications is minimized.

In complex tests, the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) was approaching zero. This feature defines the features of data recovery. example,
equal to one minute RPO means that only the last minute information entered can be lost in an accident. Thus, in a disaster-resistant cluster, there is a risk of data loss at the GHS level
paltry. Such efficiency is ensured by synchronous data replication.


VTB launches UnionPay cross-border transfer service

VTB has completed a pilot project. The feature is available on the official site Transfers can be made from Russian cards to UnionPay cards issued by resident banks in China.

Sberbank has issued a digital credit card.

It can be issued in just a few minutes in the mobile application or the web version of Sberbank Online. The card is available to customers who have a pre-approved offer.

Rossetti and SAP have created a blockchain prototype to manage customer settlement

Rossetti Ural and SAP have presented a prototype solution for settlement between energy market participants. The pilot is based on the SAP Cloud Platform using blockchain technology. purpose of creation
systems – increasing transparency of payments between consumers, network and distribution companies, as well as reducing arrears for electricity transmission services.

One of the districts of Yekaterinburg was selected as the pilot zone, where 250 metering units were installed in several residential buildings. Meter readings were filmed every 30 minutes, information at
online mode entered the distributed registry.

The prototype implements the process of entering into a smart contract with the consumer. The smart contract, according to the tariffs set in it, in real time calculates the amount for payment according to
electricity consumption, and at the time of payment by the consumer payment is immediately split into a network and marketing company.


MTS increased its share in MTS Bank’s capital to 99.7%

MTS announced the purchase through its 100% subsidiary Mobile TeleSystems B.V. 4.5% of shares of PJSC MTS-Bank for 1.4 billion rubles in PJSC AFK Sistema, a publicly traded Russian company
holding company, the largest MTS shareholder. The agreement was approved by the decision of the MTS Board of Directors on December 19, 2019. As a result of the agreement, MTS’s share in MTS Bank’s capital increased to 99.7%, and AFC
Sistema has completely withdrawn from the shareholders of MTS Bank.

Tele2 has restarted voice services on LTE networks for Moscow subscribers

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology allows voice calls to be transmitted over the LTE network, which guarantees users instant connection and high quality voice transmission, minimizing the risk of breakage.
The technical solution also saves battery life and uninterrupted 4G connectivity, allowing the customer to speak on the phone without leaving an internet session.

Now VoLTE technology in the Tele2 network in the Moscow region is supported by smartphones Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Vivo, Alcatel. Previously, the technology on the Tele2 network was only available to branded owners
Tele2 Midi LTE, Tele2 Maxi LTE and Tele2 Maxi Plus smartphones.

A VoLTE-enabled phone does not switch to 3G when making a call, and voice over LTE.

In 2019, Beeline increased the number of LTE base stations by 47%

The LTE network covers 85% of the population of the Russian Federation. This indicator grew by 11% compared to the beginning of the year. Thanks to the increase in network capacity, the average speed
mobile internet has grown by 30% even with increased traffic by 44%.
By the end of the year in which the network construction plan was being implemented, Beeline had assembled the most unusual base stations and the most inaccessible and extreme locations in which they were located.

For example, in St. Petersburg, base stations are installed every summer on the water. They are located on the docks opened during the navigation season on the Neva River and the English Quay. station
provide the connection of numerous tourists and passengers of boats that leave for Peterhof. In addition, base stations are installed on the historical sites of St. Petersburg – for these
objects use special small-sized antennas, which are mounted in imperceptible places and necessarily painted in the color of the facade.


Binder announced the launch of the action,

under which every Russian citizen can pay court debts without any commission at any retailer shop until December 31st. Court payable for traffic fines are available for payment,
child support, legal arrears for individuals and for entrepreneurs. For payment it is enough to come to the shop “Zvyazkovy”, depending on the debt to call at the cash desk of the UPP, STS number, ITN
or SNILS, after which the store employee will check the customer’s debt. Debts can also be paid at Terminals in the Binder under the section “Litigation Debts”.

Online retailer Wildberries reports an increase in orders in December.

In December 2019, customers placed 750,000 orders per day at Wildberries, which is almost 3.5 times more than the 2018 average. Number of goods shipped from distribution centers
company, increased 3 times to 1.8 million units.

“According to company statistics, 80% of orders are delivered within a day, 99% – free of charge,” – told the Wildberries press service.

As noted in the company, the most popular purchases in December were clothing, shoes, accessories, baby goods, beauty products, electronics, appliances and books.

In the first 3 weeks of December 2019, compared to November 2019, the railroad (+ 149%), constructors (+ 145%), work (+ 130%), soft toys, growth leaders in the gift category for children
(+ 120%), dolls (+ 118%) and dollhouses (+ 108%). In addition, there is a growing interest in technological toys: radio-controlled cars and interactive toys (+ 174%), children’s electronic
tablets for drawing (+ 148%).

Roselectronics Holding has created a comprehensive Smart Store solution,

based on RFID technologies. It allows you to automatically register the goods that the buyer takes off the shelf and puts in the cart. This way, the visitor will not have to “punch”
goods at checkout, the check will be formed automatically, and it only remains to pay. Radio frequency labels are applied to goods, and store shelves and trolleys are equipped with antennas and RFID readers.
Thus, the information base of the store immediately receives information about the amount of goods sold and the balance, and the buyer, scanning purchases with the help of the reader on a “smart” cart,
saves time when paid at the self-checkout counter.

Wildberries reports a twofold increase in the number of self-collection points in 2019.

Since the beginning of the year, Wildberries has opened more than 3400 new branded outlets. Of these, more than 3,100 points opened their doors in Russia, 140 in Belarus, 100 in Kazakhstan, 28 in Armenia and 9
– in Kyrgyzstan. In 2019, self-hauling points appeared in 1,248 settlements, in 722 of which the company opened its LFA for the first time. Thus, at the end of the year, a network of Wildberries issue points
has over 6100 points.

Tape has translated mobile applications for data collection terminals

for the Russian product “Forsyth. Mobile platform. ” Today, 4,700 terminals operate on the new platform.

At the stage of choosing the platform, “Lenta” identified a number of requirements for the new product: this support for current OS versions, the need for minimal changes in backend systems, ensuring high
  показателей стабильности и скорости работы приложений. В результате компания выбрала российский продукт «Форсайт. Мобильная платформа». Он интегрируется с большим количеством систем-источников,
  предоставляет сервисы для разработки и автоматизированной сборки мобильных приложений для всех распространенных мобильных ОС, обеспечивает оптимальную работу с данными (online/offline).

X5 Retail Group получила патент на изобретение

автоматической системы анализа задержек на кассовых аппаратах. Решение разработано командой IT X5 и позволяет ускорить операции, сократить очереди и экономить сотни миллионов рублей на
  оптимизации IT-процессов в магазинах сетей Х5.

Автоматическая система состоит из программы и трёх компонентов: источники информации (кассы и POS-терминалы), интеграционный сервер и сервер аналитики. Программа собирает данные с касс
  и POS-терминалов торговой точки, передаёт и обрабатывает их на серверах, определяет последовательность, логику и связь между техническими и ручными операциями, а далее самостоятельно делает
  выводы по улучшению процессов и причинах задержек на кассовых аппаратах. Анализ проводится в режиме реального времени и позволяет узнать заранее и предотвратить 98% неполадок и сбоев.

Авторами системы являются 7 разработчиков компании, патентообладателем стала Х5. Решение проходило поэтапное внедрение и доработку с 2018 года, а сегодня работает во всех 15 752 магазинах
  сетей Х5.


ГК «КОРУС Консалтинг» автоматизирует операционную деятельность

в производственных подразделениях поставщика бытовых и промышленных фильтров для очистки воды «Аквафор». В качестве решения выбрана облачная ERP-система Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and
  Operations – это одно из первых внедрений в отечественных компаниях облачной ERP от Microsoft.

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