Jaguar Land Rover's non-touch touchscreen improves road safety

Jaguar Land Rover’s non-touch touchscreen improves road safety

Jaguar Land Rover announced the development of an innovative touchscreen display for in-car infotainment applications.

Specialists from the University of Cambridge (Great Britain) participated in the creation of the novelty. The panel uses predictive non-contact interaction technology that does not require physical contact with the display.

Various sensors are responsible for tracking hand movements – optical and radio frequency. Special algorithms based on artificial intelligence determine which element the motorist wants to touch and execute the appropriate command.

The solution has a number of advantages over traditional touch screens. First of all, traffic safety is increased, and the total interaction time with the panel is reduced by 50%. The fact is that in the process of driving, especially on uneven roads, drivers have to “aim” to press one button or another or try to give a command several times. Jaguar Land Rover’s new system addresses these issues.

In addition, the screen of the on-board media system ceases to be a breeding ground for bacteria that are carried on the hands of users. Finally, fingerprints do not accumulate on the panel.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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