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Journalists showed the appearance of the browser version of xCloud

The Verge has demonstrated the interface of the browser version of the cloud gaming platform xCloud. It is not yet available to third-party users, but, according to sources close to the situation, Microsoft employees are already testing its functionality.

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The interface resembles the version for Android devices. It features a panel with developer recommendations and an area with recently launched video games. The service also has a division by genre. Presumably, after the public launch, the service will run in full screen mode, so users will need a gamepad to perform any actions.

The verge

The permission of the browser version of the service is not specified. Journalists claim that the developers are currently using the Xbox One S server blades for this, so the option to run in 4K is excluded. To play the picture in UHD, Microsoft will need to upgrade the hardware to the Xbox Series X.

The verge

As expected, the launch of the browser version of xCloud will allow using the service on iOS devices. Recall that Apple first banned streaming game applications on its platform, but later allowed them to work with changes – it required that each game in the service library be presented as a separate application in the App Store. The browser version of xCloud will bypass this limitation.

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