journalists showed the work of the regime for arachnophobes in Grounded

journalists showed the work of the regime for arachnophobes in Grounded

In connection with the release of the survival simulator Grounded by Obsidian Entertainment in early access on Steam and Xbox Game Preview, the journalists of the Eurogamer portal decided to show the work of the promised regime for people suffering from arachnophobia.

Recall that in Grounded, players take on the role of greatly reduced children. In this form, even insects and arthropods, including spiders, pose a danger to heroes.

As it turned out, the option for arachnophobes in Grounded involves six positions: in zero, the spider looks proper, and in the fifth it takes the form of a levitating head with a torso.

The corresponding slider is located in the game settings and is available at any time. The absence of legs or chelicerae does not make spiders in Grounded less dangerous – all changes are exclusively external.

Grounded is not the only game whose developers have decided to take care of arachnophobes. A similar mechanic is present in Satisfactory, but there spiders are entirely replaced by images of cats.

However, the team from Obsidian Entertainment still has time to add such an option to the project: while Grounded is in the early access program on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) and Xbox One. The final version is expected to premiere in 2021.

On these platforms, Grounded became available for purchase on July 28. On release day, the survival sim topped the Steam sales charts and attracted over 12,000 concurrent players.

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