Kaspersky Lab received a patent in the field of AI

Kaspersky Lab received a patent in the field of AI

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 09/04/2020

Kaspersky Lab received a patent in the field of AI

Kaspersky Lab has patented a machine learning-based technology for monitoring industrial plants and other complex equipment.

Patent No. 2724716, which confirms the uniqueness of the development and authorship of specialists, was issued by Rospatent. The technology formed the basis for Kaspersky Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection (MLAD) –
an anomaly detector designed for early detection and prevention of cyber attacks, equipment failures, process failures and other critical situations in production.

Kaspersky MLAD is capable of analyzing the interconnection of telemetry signals, “remembering” their behavior in normal operation and predicting technological indicators for some time ahead. If a
the difference between the predicted and actual values ​​exceeds a certain threshold, the system informs about a potential deviation: problem equipment, incorrect actions of personnel or
malicious interference with the operation of the facility. This allows you to prevent critical situations, minimize the risks of downtime, sudden breakdowns, and increase the service life of the units.

Kaspersky MLAD is deployed at a production facility as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Networks.

The solution can be used by cybersecurity professionals, operators and process specialists to identify and investigate anomalies in the process.
reasons for the subsequent adjustment of the production facility. Cybersecurity professionals will be able to receive alerts about dangerous situations at the early stages of their inception and development.
Process control operators will be able to respond to process disruptions before they have a major impact on the bottom line.

When using this technology, the total economic effect can reach hundreds of billions of rubles, says Kaspersky Lab.

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