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Konica Minolta’s new series of benchtop spectrophotometers are on sale


Ekaterina Alexandrova | 02/15/2021

Konica Minolta's new series of benchtop spectrophotometers are on sale

The range includes two models CM-36dG and CM-36dGV, which enable color and gloss measurements. The company also plans to expand the series with the entry-level CM-36d for measuring color in
reflected light.

The CM-36dG is horizontal and the CM-36dGV is vertical, which is ideal for measuring fabrics or sheet materials. Together with the CM-36d model,
which will be launched in February, the new devices are the successors of the CM-3600A and CM-3610A benchtop units – widely used by automotive material suppliers and
IT equipment.

New items are focused on solving problems of color control of objects and materials. They also enable fast and efficient quality monitoring for suppliers of paints, plastics or fabrics for
by measuring color and gloss simultaneously: The CM-36dG and CM-36dGV are two-in-one devices. Thanks to this, the instruments help to more accurately control the color.

Models are equipped with Wavelength Analysis & Adjustment (WAA) to improve measurement accuracy. It compensates for even minor deviations in results
due to changes in environmental conditions such as temperature or humidity. Together with regular maintenance and calibration, this feature will help achieve stable performance and extend the
device services.

The CM-36dG and CM-36dGV are characterized by extremely small discrepancies in the measurement results. Their colorimetric inter-instrument consistency is within 0.12, which is 20% higher than the values ​​of the previous
models. This way, measurements remain accurate when using multiple instruments, even if they are in different locations. And data obtained with other devices can be used without
additional processing – this simplifies the process of changing models.

The CM-36d series has a number of additional features to increase productivity. Built-in camera helps you study samples from the photometric sphere and accurately determine the location of objects
measurements. The status bar displays the status and parameters of the measurement being performed, which reduces the likelihood of operator error. And the button for taking measurements is located directly on

The devices have four measurement areas for flexible application. At the same time, the measuring chamber is large enough and even large samples are not needed.

The new series of spectrophotometers helps digitalize production by highly accurate translation of color and gloss information into electronic form. During checks, you can refuse samples for
comparisons that are not highly stable, as well as subjective assessments of specialists responsible for quality management.

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