"Large digital platforms in the next decade will occupy up to 80% of the volume of a specific market sector in many industries."

“Large digital platforms in the next decade will occupy up to 80% of the volume of a specific market sector in many industries.”

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| 01/13/2021

The outgoing year turned out to be difficult and eventful. The COVID-19 pandemic has become a serious challenge for all sectors of the economy, including the IT market. But now you can be sure
to say that, despite all the difficulties, the Russian software development market has adequately coped with new challenges and is successfully overcoming a difficult period. This was largely due to the fact that
development companies have been historically focused on remote work using modern means of communication and were fully prepared for the current situation. Against the background of the majority
sectors of the economy, the software development market has suffered to a lesser extent due to its flexibility, readiness to transfer work processes to digital technologies. In addition, smooth passage
the crisis was facilitated by stimulating measures and financial support from the state.
We clearly see several trends that will continue after our life returns to its usual course. These are, first of all, higher requirements of consumers for the quality of Internet communication,
ecosystems of educational and entertainment content, information security services, cloud solutions and services for remote work. We also celebrate the acceleration of digital transformation
various spheres of life and economy. Increased demand encourages our customers to develop and implement new technologies as quickly as possible that will meet changing needs.
citizens, business and government.
The market has changed, new models of interaction between consumers and service providers are being formed. Many companies have increased interest in digital projects, they are quickly transforming their products
and services for the new realities of the market. The key difference between the current moment and earlier periods of digitalization lies, in our opinion, in the fact that now it is not a “fashion” and not a speculative interest in
promising areas of activity, and the urgent need to improve competitiveness through internal process optimization. The speed of transition to digital has increased even in those
industries that have traditionally relied on offline. Everyone realized that those who fail to adapt to new realities will soon simply leave the market.
Among the trends in consumer behavior that we observe today, it is worth noting customer mobility. People increasingly tend to resolve issues without visiting the office or store, being on
communication 24/7. Another important expectation is omnichannel, that is, the opportunity for the client to interact with the company in any way convenient for him: online, offline, in social networks, etc.
Further. In addition, the client expects from the company a high degree of personalization of the offer, expects to receive a product with unique, important specifically for this particular client.
characteristics and advantages.
The interest in consulting services, development and implementation of solutions in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence from government customers and companies with government participation has qualitatively increased,
actively involved in the implementation of digital transformation and import substitution programs.
The Reksoft company specializes in the development of complex digital turnkey solutions and helps customers to implement digital transformation projects. Corona crisis did not affect volumes and
the quality of our work, we increased our business throughout the year and began to develop a number of new projects and areas of activity.
Today we offer our clients a set of processes and technologies based on thirty years of experience in adapting our clients’ businesses to change. Digital solutions projects have
some difference from classic IT projects, since their launch requires significant organizational changes on the customer’s side, up to adjusting the business model. That’s why
we adhere to an integrated approach, which, in addition to designing and creating the solution itself, includes consulting in the field of planning digital transformation processes at the level of all
enterprises, as well as a set of technological tools for preparing the landscape of the customer’s information systems to work in the new mode.
For many of our customers, digital transformation is not only internal change, but also a chance to find their new place in a changing market by creating digital platforms that would become
a point of attraction for other market participants. Almost all new projects of Reksoft are associated with the creation of platforms of various sizes. For big business, this is the creation of ecosystems, for
niche players – understanding how they need to transform their business in order to properly connect to such platforms and ecosystems.
According to our forecasts, large digital platforms will occupy a significant share in many industries in the next decade, up to 80% of the volume of a specific market sector. Everything else will go to consulting around
them: in consulting the operators of these platforms (that is, the provision of technical support services, further development, information security), consulting on the front side of these platforms for
all participants, etc.
Based on our experience in digital transformation, I can say with confidence that now is one of the best times for the implementation of digital projects, since the relatively low investment in digital
technologies can significantly increase the competitiveness and efficiency of a business and pay off within 2-3 years.


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