League of Legends received a 10-minute short film about two brothers

League of Legends received a 10-minute short film about two brothers

Riot Games has released a fresh League of Legends short titled Family of the Tainted Blade. The video is timed to coincide with the in-game event – the 2020 Blossom Festival – and tells the story of two brothers separated by fate.

The animation is about Yasuo and his half-brother Yone. Since childhood, they have been the complete opposite of each other, but they remained inseparable and studied at the same school of swordsmen. After the Noxian invasion and victory at Placidium in Navori, many were inspired by the example of their compatriots. Yone and his fellow students left the village, but Yasuo, despite their fighting fervor, was ordered to stay and protect the elders.

One day, Yasuo left his post and when he returned to school, he found his teacher Souma dead. Yasuo was accused of not only neglecting his duties, but also murder. He became a fugitive and was looking for any leads that would lead him to the real killer. Yasuo continued to pursue his former allies, he fought and killed them every time, but one day he was tracked down by Yone. Debt bound, they circled each other. When the brothers crossed swords, Yasuo’s wind technique was stronger than Yone’s twin blades, and the fugitive slayed his own brother. Before his death, he said that the elder Souma was killed using the wind technique, which was owned only by Yasuo …

Yone is the new legend of the game. After death, he ended up in the kingdom of spirits and could not find peace. There, a petty demon Azakan attacked him, who pursued Yone during his lifetime, feeding on negative emotions. Yone emerged victorious from the battle in the spirit realm, and as a result woke up in the mortal world, but with an indelible mask on his face. She repeated the guise of a defeated Azakana, and the demon himself was trapped inside.

Yone wields two swords. He is tormented by a dark past and a hazy future. This fighter will reach the Gorge on August 6, 2020. On the official website, the developers talked about the process of its creation, and also shared a description of the abilities.

By the way, until August 24, the mysterious Bloom Festival is held in League of Legends – this is a folk celebration in Ionia, during which the living honor the memory of deceased loved ones. “A light breeze dances among the trees. The melodic ringing of bells beckons with the promise of the unknown. Do you hear? A whisper comes from somewhere in the thicket. Laughter swirls in the air like light petals. Old traditions give way to ancient magic, and the world of spirits flourishes in bright colors. Good welcome on the Celebration flowering! “, – reports the description:

By the way, the cute and nimble magical fawn Lillia, about whom we have already written, has already become another new hero at the Blossom Festival. Do not be embarrassed by the harmless appearance of this legend: this fighter is more courageous than he seems, and is not afraid to use dream magic to protect his native forest. A video review of her skills has recently become available:

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