Legrand Announces Smart Climate Control Devices

Legrand Announces Smart Climate Control Devices


Anna Savelieva | 02/01/2021

Legrand Announces Smart Climate Control Devices

The novelties are part of the Netatmo IoT portfolio and allow you to get accurate data on the weather outside and the home microclimate, as well as create conditions for the prevention of viral diseases.
The air quality monitoring station will remind you when it is time to ventilate the room, turn on the humidifier or reconfigure the air conditioner in the nursery. And the weather station will not let the weather take you by surprise.

The Legrand weather station in an aluminum case accurately measures climatic and other environmental parameters every five minutes, makes graphs of their changes and weather forecasts. If any
the indicator deviates from the norm, the system will warn the user about this with a notification. The collected data, statistics and forecasts are displayed in a simple and understandable form on a smartphone, tablet
or computer. The solution is synchronized with the Netatmo Weather mobile application (available for Android and iOS), supports the Apple HomeKit smart home control platform and works with voice
Alexa assistant. All climate information will be stored in cloud storage with unlimited volume and the ability to access from multiple devices.

The novelty comes with a wireless outdoor module that analyzes the temperature and humidity outside the window, operating at temperatures from -40 ° C to 65 ° C. The house can be installed up to
three additional room modules for monitoring microclimate parameters in different rooms: temperature, humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide content and noise level. They connect by
Wi-Fi and can transmit data to a weather station from a distance of up to 100 meters. The cost of the device is 15 640 rubles.


You can expand the capabilities of the system by connecting a precipitation measurement module to it. With it, the weather station will be able to send notifications about the beginning of rain, transmit real-time data about
the amount of precipitation that fell per hour, and draw up graphs with statistics based on this information. Such an addition will cost the user 6,440 rubles.

You can also connect an anemometer to the new product. This module records in real time the speed and direction of wind, including gusty, based on ultrasonic technology. Using
data from the module, the weather station can send notifications when a certain wind speed is reached, display measurement statistics and calculate the air temperature that a person is outside
will feel taking into account all climatic factors. You can buy it for 10,580 rubles.

Both add-on modules are protected from water, snow, hail, strong winds and UV radiation. Owners of the Legrand weather station gain access to the Netatmo Weathermap service, which collects
and disseminates data on outside temperature, precipitation and wind in 170 countries.

A smart indoor air quality monitoring station measures noise, carbon dioxide, humidity and air temperature. The station will warn about the deterioration of these indicators and give
recommendations on how to change the microclimate in order, for example, to avoid the spread of viral infections (ventilate the room in time, reduce or increase air humidity). Optionally a solution
allows you to link several Netatmo smart stations in a multi-room format into one network and place them in different rooms.


The device is controlled using the Healthy Home Coach app (available for Android and iOS). In it you can choose one of three profiles: general, for families with children or for asthmatics.
This will determine the target values ​​of climatic indicators and the personal recommendations of the system for the home. The station also supports the Apple HomeKit smart home platform. There is a novelty
RUB 11,500

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