Lenovo introduces the ThinkSmart solution

Lenovo introduces the ThinkSmart solution

Catherine Alexandrova

Lenovo announces the release of new solutions in the ThinkSmart line – ThinkSmart View and ThinkSmart Manager.

ThinkSmart View Designed for audio and video calls in Microsoft Teams. The company has also announced that a number of solutions can now be managed through ThinkSmart
, Proprietary software for IT departments.

Smart Office Professional Services helps companies learn new technologies to adapt to changing workflows. ThinkSmart security is provided by ThinkShield solutions.

ThinkSmart View SoC-based Qualcomm APQ8053 can be used instead of a computer for audio and video communication in Microsoft Teams, which will allow employees to work on several tasks at once.
To remove background noise, Lenovo recommends that you use a Bluetooth headset. A physical camera shutter and PIN authentication will ensure the security of the device.


Lenovo plans to add new smart features in conjunction with Microsoft.

Zoom Rooms for meeting rooms include a Lenovo Tab M10 controller, a Heckler stand, Logitech audio and video equipment, and ThinkCentre-based ThinkSmart Edition Tiny for Zoom PCs
M920q. Lenovo plans to bundle the Microsoft Team Rooms with ThinkSmart Edition Tiny.

Lenovo also introduced a new version ThinkSmart Manager. IT staff will be able to remotely deploy, manage, configure, and update ThinkSmart solutions. WITH
One console allows you to see the status of each device in real time or to report trends and problems in device use. It is used in ThinkSmart Manager
Lenovo Secure Authentication authentication.



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