LG has promised to update some smartphones to Android 12, despite the closure of the mobile division

LG’s smartphone business has been hitting hard times over the past few years. Not surprisingly, the company announced the closure of its mobile division. It is possible to argue for a long time how this will affect the industry as a whole, but the most tangible event can be for the company’s clients. LG does not want to inconvenience its smartphone users, so it has promised to update some devices to Android 12.


In a press release, the company announced that it will provide service support and release software updates for existing mobile devices within a certain period of time, which will vary depending on the region. It will likely vary quite a bit, judging by how inconsistently the company has deployed updates even during the full operation of the mobile division.

The company said it will continue to release Android 11 for supported models as scheduled. In addition, LG even plans to update some devices to Android 12. However, the company warns that its plans to release OS updates may be adjusted depending on a number of factors. If there are any major issues while testing the update to Android 12, chances are that LG will abandon its plans to release it.


To date, LG has rolled out an update to Android 11 for several of its devices, including the Velvet, V60 ThinQ, and G7 One. Smartphones such as the G8X, G8S, Velvet 4G, Wing, K52 and K42 are expected to update later this year. If LG does not give up on plans to roll out Android 12, it is expected to go to models such as the Velvet, V60 ThinQ and Wing.

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