LG has released a home 4K CineBeam HU70LS projector

LG has released a home 4K CineBeam HU70LS projector

LG Electronics (LG) Introduces Compact Home Cinema Projector LG CineBeam HU70LS with 4K UHD (3840×2160), 4-Channel LED Light Source, Brightness 1500
Lumens and ample opportunities for wireless connections.

The 4-channel LED light source uses a separate 3 RGB colors and dynamic green. Because dynamic green adjusts brightness and tone, LG CineBeam LED provides more
realistic image.

LG HU70LS projection diagonal up to 140 inches. The projector, using XPR technology, delivers 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, equivalent to 8.3 million pixels.

The device also uses Wheel-less LED technology, that is, without a color wheel, to help avoid flaws in the type of fading of LCD panels and the effect of rainbow DLP. thanks to an improved one
zoom functions up to 1.25 times and remote focus allows the user to adjust the screen size without moving the projector. Even if the HU70LS is mounted on the ceiling, it can be operated from
using the Magic remote control. Among other things, the HU70LS uses HDR10 c Dynamic Tone Mapping technology, optimizing frame-by-frame based on flower information laid
in the original, and with TruMotion technology it generates additional frames, which increases the smoothness in dynamic scenes. TruMotion even works in 4K, HDR and high frame rate up to

The HU70LS, like other CineBeam models, works with webOS 4.5 and supports Miracast wireless connectivity for displaying a mobile screen to a large projection
screen. IOS devices are connected using the LG TV Plus mobile application.

Also, any Bluetooth-enabled audio device can be connected to the LG HU70LS projector.



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