Lidar on iPhone 12 Pro can measure human height

Lidar on iPhone 12 Pro can measure human height

In recent years, as Apple’s iPhone has more AR features, Apple has developed an app called Measure that allows users to measure the dimensions of an object such as a table, cabinet, and so on. However, thanks to the introduction of lidar in the iPhone 12 Pro series, it can now be used, among other things, to measure human height.

A new feature was recently added to the app and now all users can simply point their phone’s camera at a person, and Roulette uses a LiDAR scanner to measure height fairly accurately, whether the latter is sitting or standing.

The app detects when a person is in the camera’s viewfinder and can also detect things like the top of a person’s head, hair, hat, legs, and so on. Users can also take a snapshot with measurements and send it to another person. Overall, the lidar is likely to improve the accuracy of the Roulette measurements, making this instrument more useful.

The feature appears to be exclusive to iPhone 12 Pro models, including the recently launched iPhone 12 Pro and the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is slated for November. It will also be available to owners of the 2020 iPad Pro, who were the first Apple products to receive lidar.

Recall: Apple in the iPhone Pro has added a lidar to the three conventional rear camera modules, which is able to accurately map the depth of the scene at a distance of up to 5 meters and receives information about the environment. It works indoors and outdoors and allows you to more effectively create augmented reality or perform other 3D tasks related to cameras. In particular, focusing in low light is up to 6 times faster, and tracking AF performance and bokeh reliability are improved. One of the first third-party apps to support it was Snapchat.

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