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Linus Torvalds urged Intel to bury the AVX-512 instruction set and get down to business

Linux creator Linus Torvalds, who recently switched to AMD Ryzen Threadripper, did not hesitate in expressing criticism of Intel’s policy, which implies support for the AVX-512 extensions in most new generations of the brand’s processors. This set of teams, according to Torvalds, is only harmful and is in demand only in distracted benchmarks.

Image Source: Aalto Talk

Image Source: Aalto Talk

The reason for such an emotional reaction of the creator of Linux was the mention of the lack of support for the AVX-512 extensions from the future Alder Lake-S client processors. “I believe that AVX-512 will die in agony, and Intel will begin to fix real problems instead of trying to create magical instructions that will then allow their processors to perform favorably in specially designed tests. ” – said Linus Torvalds.

Intel experts, in his opinion, should focus on improving the processing of general-purpose code, and not all sorts of specialized and exotic instructions. Historically, according to Torvalds, Intel processors did not perform very well in floating point operations, and this problem should have been solved for a long time. The “transistor budget” spent on supporting the AVX-512 would be better spent on increasing the number of cores or increasing their performance. Using the AVX-512 extensions increases the power consumption of processors, which is why processors reach lower frequencies under load than without the AVX-512. Torvalds summarizes his “confession” by stating that in most cases the AVX2 extensions are more than enough.

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