Linux-based iPadOS analog introduced

A new Linux distribution called JingOS was recently introduced. What makes it stand out from the mass of similar products is that, according to the developers, it provides the same level of functionality as Apple’s iPadOS operating system.

JingOS was created with the goal of expanding the functionality and performance of tablet computers, bringing them closer to the iPad, which is a kind of benchmark in the market. The iPadOS development team took inspiration from iPadOS to come up with a simple and beautiful yet powerful solution that transforms simple tablets into powerful computers that can be used in the field. However, JingOS will not only work on tablets. This is a complete Linux distribution that can be used comfortably on a PC as well.

JingOS for tablets will be available in January. Notably, JingOS is also being developed for smartphones. This OS version will hit the market before the end of the year. The operating system is currently tested on Huawei MateBook 14 and Microsoft Surface 6. In the near future, the developers promise to provide support for other devices, including tablets based on ARM chips.

It is possible that with this approach, JingOS will become another notable player in the market. Chinese electronics manufacturers such as Huawei can pay attention to a well-developed operating system in the event of further development of the conflict between the United States and the Middle Kingdom.

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