Little Hope is a small town, big problems. Review / Games

Little Hope is a small town, big problems. Review / Games

Genre Interactive film
Publisher Bandai namco
Developer Supermassive games
Minimum Requirements Intel Core i5-3470 3.2 GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 2 GB video card with DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 8570, 80 GB hard disk, internet connection and Steam account
Recommended Requirements Intel Core i5-8400 2.8 GHz / AMD Ryzen R5 1600 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 6 GB video card with DirectX 11 support, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 580
release date October 30, 2020
Age qualification From 16 years old
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Played on PlayStation 4

The closure of Telltale’s multi-channel players has made a huge hole in the interactive drama market, which no one is in a hurry to close. And is it really necessary? There was hope for Dontnod with her sudden outburst of Life is Strange, but she seems to remain the studio’s best thing in the field. Then the developers were carried away somewhere completely not there, and they could never boast of superbudgets. But Supermassive Games so far feels surprisingly cheerful – last year’s first episode of the horror anthology, Man of Medan, performed quite well for itself. Then we were offered to investigate the ghost ship, and in the second series we were transferred to a mysterious provincial town. The witch hunt, the dark secrets of the settlement, and the unexplained devilry in Little Hope are supposed to be daunting. However, the project is unlikely to make you even flinch. However, it won’t let you fall asleep during the passage.

⇡ #And you will be burned, and you will be burned. All will be burned

The fictional plot of Little Hope is based on the very real trial of the Salem (or Salem, if you will) witches, which took place in 1692-1693. This is one of the largest “hunts” in US history, and at the same time an illustrative example of mass hysteria among the population of the communities. Extremely religious people in those days could easily attribute all sorts of strange phenomena to a neighbor engaged in witchcraft, or even specifically stipulate him in the hope of getting a piece of foreign land. While this whole orgy lasted, the prosecution passed sentences to more than 200 people – later the decisions were declared erroneous. More than twenty of them died – they were mostly hanged. Someone died in prison, and one poor man was tortured to death with stones, literally squeezing out the testimony. If you are interested, you can dig into the history of events here. Well, horror fans have probably already understood where this is going. In a place where people died painfully due to unfair decisions, something may well happen such

In my restless dreams I see that town, Silent H … Ah, no, this is from another opera

This is where Little Hope connects with his study group, which was on a tour, but the bus turned over in the middle of the night, and the driver disappeared somewhere. Finally, the strange fog is confusing, returning to the point at which you entered it. This is not to mention the strange visions from the distant past, in which the heroes are surprised to recognize … themselves, but who lived more than three hundred years ago. There is only one way – to the town of Little Hope, where people accused of witchcraft and connections with the devil were once burned and drowned.

What is happening desperately resembles the offshoot of Silent Hill. And the point here is not so much in the fog and a similar sign at the entrance, but in walking little girls who play an important role in the plot, and the emphasis on the psychological component.

In terms of non-linear narrative, the new project was a step back for Supermassive. After interesting branches in Until Dawn and Man of Medan, where seemingly insignificant decisions made a few hours ago could come back to haunt at the most inopportune moment, Little Hope looks like a sleeper. If you do not specifically try to kill someone for the sake of getting trophies, but act consciously and logically, then already in the first playthrough it will not be difficult to keep the whole group alive. There are surprisingly few key decisions in the game, like QTE, and clues about the possible development of events are obvious and almost always lie in the most visible places. It is not difficult to understand the correct sequence of actions.

Disconnected from the line, but still ringing phone - a classic of the genre

Disconnected from the line, but still ringing phone – a classic of the genre

Because of this Man of Medan, I ran with interest six or seven times, but Little Hope finished it off through strength for the second time. The debut episode immediately plunged into a whirlpool of events, important decisions were made in the first 30 minutes, and then it was necessary not only to try to guess the potential consequences of their actions, but also to have fun with demanding QTEs. The second series of the anthology wobbles for a very long time, leaving the most interesting for the last third.

The rest of the time, it is proposed to just walk straight or explore small locations, and at the same time talk a lot. The dialogues, like the characters, are written quite adequately for this kind of works, and watching what is happening is generally interesting, but only in the first playthrough. A re-run with different answers and actions will affect the ending, but the path to it will not really change.

And you understand with your head where and in what moments the developers tried their best to catch up with the atmosphere and frighten – however, it did not work out. Little Hope really wants to be viscous, tries to slowly plunge into its secrets, but still feels like an ordinary adventure film, except that the design of the monsters is really nasty. However, several funny episodes are associated with them, which do not allow the game to be perceived as a horror movie. The staging of the escape from the horrors (with the exception of the final confrontation) due to the constantly jumping from character to character of the camera looks as if the villain himself moves at a speed of a meter per hour, and the heroes are desperately rushing away from him as fast as they can. And the same screamer in front of all the visions also does not make the game of honor. Once it can still work, on the most impressionable, but a dozen of the same scarecrows for only five hours look, to put it mildly, overkill.

The Lorewalker is back and will guide you through the story again, releasing sarcastic comments

The Lorewalker is back and will guide you through the story again, releasing sarcastic comments

However, despite the fact that Supermassive is performing worse now than you usually expect from her, the studio over the past year has done an excellent job on the mistakes of the first episode. This primarily concerns the technical component. The release version of Man of Medan did not work very well on PS4, constantly loading textures and slowing down at the most inopportune moments, which prevented QTE from being performed.

Little Hope is not only performed richer visually, but there are no more problems with performance. The QTEs themselves have also been redesigned – now the buttons do not suddenly appear on the screen, but first an icon is shown, which helps to understand what will need to be done in general: press or aim somewhere. After the confusion with obscure notation in the previous series, this is a rather important innovation. Finally, if in Man of Medan the reasons for the appearance of evil spirits were too chewed, then Little Hope keeps the intrigue until the very end, which turns everything on its head and makes you take a fresh look at the adventures experienced.

However, after the credits, the impression still remains that it is too difficult for developers to release an episode a year. Not only did the non-linearity of the narrative suffer, but also, it seems, some of the content. One far from the most important character may have two pursuing monsters – depending on what to choose in the prologue. The rest of the heroes were left with no options. Apparently, Supermassive simply did not have enough time to implement everything that was conceived, so at some points they had to leave long conversational videos without the ability to influence anything. Little Hope is quite a good project for Halloween, but there is no desire to replay it, as it was with Man of Medan. You won’t see anything new. Hopefully the next episode of the anthology, which is shown in teaser after the end of the second episode, will be more cheerful. At the very least, the combination of Sumerian mythology and special unit fighters looks intriguing.


  • what not take away from Little Hope, so it is gorgeous graphics technology;
  • the story, though not the most outstanding, will not get bored either.


  • not too much is left from the branching of the previous part;
  • the game swings for a very long time and often prefers to replace actions with dialogues;
  • and so few action scenes look very strange because of the camera constantly jumping back and forth.

Graphic arts

Supermassive, perhaps, took another small step forward in terms of graphics – Little Hope looks and works much better than last year’s episode.


But the sound did not work out very well. If Man of Medan kept in suspense, not least thanks to all the strange rustles and eerie screams, then the current series stands out only with good English voice acting. In Russian dubbing – nothing at all.

Single player game

Little Hope tries to be scary, but she has clear problems with that. Nevertheless, as a short film for one time, it will do quite well, especially if you underestimate expectations.

Collective game

The plot can be played with friends, but due to the small number of key decisions, it is unlikely that it will be possible to spoil each other.

General impression

Supermassive didn’t seem to have enough time to get things done, so Little Hope has far less interactivity and branching than you might expect from the studio. It turned out well, but we know that these guys can do much better.

Rating: 7.0 / 10

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