Lockdown in the spirit of Eye of the Beholder

Lockdown in the spirit of Eye of the Beholder

Fatbot Games has announced that the PC version of the steampunk RPG Vaporum: Lockdown will release on September 15th. The project will appear on Nintendo Switch at the end of 2020, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2021.

Vaporum: Lockdown is a dungeon crawler prequel to the Vaporum. The game will tell about the scientist Ellie Teller, who participates in a mysterious research project in the middle of the ocean. As a result of catastrophic events, the heroine tries to survive and escape from the Arx Vaporum tower.

Vaporum: Lockdown was inspired by projects such as Dungeon Master and Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep, the Eye of the Beholder series, and the Legend of Grimrock dilogy.

In Vaporum: Lockdown, you have to fight against ugly enemies with unique abilities and attacks. To defeat your enemies, you will have to use a wide arsenal of weapons and gadgets that can be improved and used to manipulate the battlefield.

But battles aren’t the only element of Vaporum: Lockdown. The game will have many puzzles and moments that will require you to be smart. In the process, you will learn a lot about the Vaporum world and its inhabitants through voiced dialogues, audio diaries, and written notes.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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