Новые логотипы Intel

Long-awaited Intel Core update kicks off with logos

Things are going very badly at Intel with the production of chips: the company has not been able to get away from the old 14-nm standards for years and recently announced a delay in the development of the 7-nm technical process. It looks like the marketing department has decided that sales can be boosted with fresh logos.

New Intel logos

New Intel logos

At least this is indicated by the semiconductor giant’s recent trademark filings. The existing Intel Core processor logos do seem a little outdated – they imitate volume and actively use gradients. Today, flatter and more elegant signs are in use.

From the looks of it, Intel will simplify the design of all of its logos for the Core series. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) has registered an application for a new Core i3 graphic mark (pictured above). The Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 logos are currently absent in the database, although it is clear that they will be added a little later.

It’s also likely that the new Core i3 logo will have a different (non-monochrome) color scheme: the USTPO database usually stores all logos in grayscale.

Old Intel logos

Old Intel logos

An interesting addition is, of course, the Evo brand, which appeared in the database along with the new Core i3 logo. It is too early to say where such a trademark will be used. But PCGamer suggests that it might somehow relate to Intel’s ARM big.LITTLE processor design, which is already embodied in Lakefield processors and will be used in Alder Lake. EVOlution chips are expected to offer Intel Hybrid technology with powerful and energy efficient cores on a single die.

Official information about the planned rebranding of Intel has not yet been reported.

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