Lost Eidolons' turn-based role-playing tactics for consoles and PC are presented

Lost Eidolons’ turn-based role-playing tactics for consoles and PC are presented

Developers from Ocean Drive Studio have unveiled Lost Eidolons, a single-player turn-based RPG tactic for consoles and PCs. It will be released in Early Access on PC in late 2021, and in 2022 it will be fully launched on PC and consoles (primarily on Xbox, but the developers aim to provide versions for PlayStation and Switch). The exact generations of the consoles are not named.

Together with the announcement, a trailer was presented, which includes not only cutting of story clips on the engine, but also excerpts of the gameplay, including turn-based battles, demonstration of the abilities of various heroes, and even interface elements like the character settings window. The game will support English, Korean and other languages ​​(which ones are not announced yet).

Lost Eidolons takes place in a fantasy world called Artemesia, which is created in a realistic manner and resembles medieval Europe. Players will be told the story of Eden, a famous mercenary from the city of Lonette. He is forced to follow his fate, which involves him in an aristocratic conspiracy to overthrow the conquering emperor Ludivikt.

A journey full of moral dilemmas, bitter goodbyes and betrayal is promised. Eden will have to understand who he is in this vast world. The game will tell about the friendship of allies who are fighting for freedom on a continent darkened by war and political upheaval. And the backstory draws inspiration from Chinese mythology about the four Heavenly animals, into which 28 constellations are divided.

Players will have to use the terrain and carefully position their fighters in turn-based tactical battles to take advantage of the synergies and unique strengths of their motley units. With the correct application of the strategy, losses can be minimized.

Deep character customization is also promised. It will be possible to receive new equipment, open more than a dozen unique combat classes and equip units with a varied set of skills and spells. You will also have to take care of the morale of the army so that it shows itself better on the battlefield. Side missions will allow you to get to know the squad members better and increase their loyalty.

The orchestral score is provided by composer Clark Aboud, who previously worked on soundtracks for Slay the Spire and Factory Town.

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