Tesla Model S президента Беларуси

Lukashenko promised to start production of Belarusian electric cars in the next five-year period

Belarus should start production of its own electric vehicles. This was announced today by the president of the neighboring state, Alexander Lukashenko, noting in passing that the process should begin in the next five years.

Tesla Model S of the President of Belarus

Tesla Model S of the President of Belarus

I am an ardent supporter of electric vehicles. This is the future said Lukashenko. – It is good that this trend has developed in the world, I have already felt this for a long time. Samples (Belarusian electric transport – approx. Ed.) Are. I was recently at the training ground, I saw them. This is not only passenger transport, but also as “trucks”. We learned how to make them. We now need to make them beautiful and affordable.“.

Then Lukashenko expressed confidence that in this five-year period Belarus will have “your good electric car“. Produce “own electric car”He proposed at the joint Belarusian-Chinese automobile plant“ Belji ”of the GEELY brand, located near Minsk.

GEELY Geometry A

The Belarusian leader said that he himself uses various electric vehicles and actively contributes to the development of this area in his country. The importance of this direction is especially high in light of the upcoming launch of the first nuclear power plant in Belarus BelAES.

Lukashenko also said that there is only one main problem in Belarusian electric cars now – imported batteries. “But our experts even found new principles for creating these batteries (not traditional lithium-ion, but graphene – approx. Ed.), Which are unknown in the world.“.

GEELY Geometry A

We add that in March of this year, presenting the electric model GEELY Geometry A, assembled in China, the director of BelGi Gennady Svidersky spoke more restrained on the issue of mass production of domestic electric cars: if the corresponding demand starts, it will be at least 5000 electric cars per year.

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