Lunar New Year event kicks off in Overwatch

Lunar New Year event kicks off in Overwatch

With Chinese New Year approaching, the competitive shooter Overwatch has kicked off the traditional in-game event to celebrate the Year of the Ox. As usual, users will receive festive decorative items (both old and new), earn weekly rewards, and more.

In addition to the traditional two modes of capturing the flags (normal and fast), you can take part in the new arcade “Bounty Hunt”. It offers to earn points by eliminating targets. The player who gets the first kill in the match becomes the target, and the rest become hunters. Additional points are awarded for eliminating the target, but after that the winner becomes the next target himself.

Graffiti, badges, and festive skins are awarded weekly for victories in Quick, Competitive, or Arcade: Terracotta Medic for Batista, Shake for McCree, and Emperor’s Guard for the Reaper. The developers also created five legendary skins: “White Serpent” for Widowmaker, “Bull Spirit” for Orisa, “Kkachi” for Echo, “Tiger Hunter” for Ash and “Dragon Flame” for Bastion.

Also noteworthy are three new animations for the best moments of the match: Shimmering Bull for Symmetra, Fan Dance for Echo, and Finale for D.Va. In addition, a bunch of new graffiti, badges, replicas and other cosmetic rewards have been prepared. During the event, themed items of this year or past years will definitely drop from holiday containers. You can also buy old items with a discount for points.

The Year of the Ox in Overwatch has already begun and will end on February 25. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The developers recently confirmed that the next show of Overwatch 2 will take place at BlizzConline in February.

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