Group has released its smart column Group has released its smart column Group has launched Capsule, a smart speaker based on voice assistant Marusya. She can make online calls, listen to music from a VK playlist, and work with plastic
RFID cards. The column will hit the shelves this quarter.

According to the company, the capsule’s owners will have all the voice assistant skills available. The column will tell the latest news, calculate the commute time, remind you of important things and
will resolve other daily issues. Also, the capsule is equipped with online call technology. A user with a Vkontakte account will be able to call anyone who is on his social networking friends list.

In addition, VKontakte authorization gives you the opportunity to listen to music. Capsule owners are provided with a three-month free subscription service. With the participation of MRG Tech Lab – technological Group divisions – An intelligent system of music recommendations has been added. It selects tracks based on user interests.

With the Capsule, you can listen to compositions created by artificial intelligence. Mubert, a specialist in music neural network development, creates real-time
playlists in different genres of music: house, techno, ambient and others. The capsule can be asked to put music for sleep, study, meditation and other activities: there are over a hundred themed books in the library

The column provides tools for intelligence development and memory training. Built-in Marusha shares knowledge in the format of games and quizzes, tells interesting facts. For children there are educational
programs tailored to different age groups. In addition, the voice assistant can include a “white noise” that promotes the baby’s restful sleep. To teach a child who is
unable to formulate a language request, it will be possible to purchase interactive plastic RFID cards. The maps will record educational games, sounds and other content. To play with the column,
you will need to bring the card to the reader built into the Capsule.

The speaker system is specially designed for the speaker, consists of three speakers and a sound amplifier. The power of the device is 30 watts. For accurate language recognition at
column built-in six digital microphones. In the evening it is possible to activate a special mode in which the low frequencies sound quieter.

The neural networks used in Marus are constantly learning new data, analyzing many dialogues and adding new skills every day. Smart speaker and voice assistant capabilities are available
for partner and commercial integration of companies, as well as for special projects.

One of the key areas of Capsule development is the integration of speakers into smart home systems. It will allow you to control electrical appliances, sockets and other equipment. first partners Group Rostelecom and Redmond became technologies for the smart home.

Worth the Capsule at the stage of order 6 990 rubles.

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