Maksut Shadai replaced Konstantin Noskov as head of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation

Maksut Shadai replaced Konstantin Noskov as head of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation

Natalia Solovyova

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communication and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation is headed by Maksut Shadai. His solid portfolio in the field of ICT is considered by experts to be a guarantee that the implementation of the Digital Digital Project
economy ”will go according to plans and timetable. However, appointing a minister without global reforms is unlikely to change the situation fundamentally, market participants say.

According to experts, with the update of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation, the digital direction in the Russian government has strengthened a number of experienced and influential leaders. The head of the new Government is Michael Mishustin
has extensive experience in implementing IT projects in the field of government. At the government level, IT will now be engaged
Leonid Levin, a former State Duma deputy. Tothe Vice Prime Minister’s IT speaker Alexei Overchuk, a former deputy chairman of the Federal Tax Service, became “the ideologist of digitalization in taxation and administration.”
The chair of the Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation was occupied by Maksut Shadai.

Curriculum vitae

The new minister is only 40 years old. Some media outlets have already dubbed him the “millennial minister,” and among his hobbies is to unearth the passion for Star Wars cinema and street dance
style. However, it was overlooked that he is younger than his predecessor Konstantin Noskov, who took up the post of Minister of Communications in May 2018, by only one year. But despite
youth, its track record in both ICT and public administration is quite large.

Maxut Shadai received a degree in sociology. In parallel with his studies he was engaged in business. He began his career in the IT industry in 2000 with the post of Advisor project manager at
Arrava Internet Management IT Company. From 2002 to 2004, he worked as an IT Development Director at the IBS Group IT Holding. In 2004, he was an advisor to the director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “East”, and through
a few months into the career of an official, holding the office of Advisor to the Minister and Director of the Department of State Programs, Infrastructure Development and Use of Limited Resources in the Ministry
of Information Technology and Communication of the Russian Federation headed by Leonid Reiman.

In 2008, he received the position of Assistant to the Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Sergei Naryshkin, and in 2012, he became the adviser to the Head of the State Duma, to which Sergei became
Naryshkin, and is working on, including, the project “Electronic Parliament”.

In 2014, Maksut Shadai became Minister of Public Administration, IT and Communications of the Moscow Region, and in 2016 – Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region. During this period
under his auspices the project of a transport card “Arrow” is implemented with the participation of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation and the work on the organization of state services is underway with FSUE “Mail of Russia”.

Two years later, he returns to the IT and telecommunications fields, taking over the role of Vice President of PJSC Rostelecom on digital platforms, and from the beginning of 2019 combining it with the position of General
director of the RT Labs subsidiary.

Will the new minister change the situation in the IT industry

Maksut Shadaev, the head of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation, is working on the implementation of the Digital Economy national project. According to the results of 2019, according to the statement of the Accounting Chamber, this national project
actually demonstrated the failure of spending, for which he recently resigned the Cabinet of Ministers of Russia was criticized by
The IT community. From Shadaev, as an experienced government executive and IT professional, market participants expect effective digitization work.

“The appointment of Maksut Shadaev as a minister is a positive event for the industry. He is a professional, long immersed in problems. In addition to the experience of ministerial work and knowledge of its specifics, he has his shoulders
successful practice in the “real sector” – at Rostelecom, – Andrey Ershov, CEO of Technoserv, commented in the media.

One of the reasons for the current digital transformation situation is the lack of dialogue between the government and organized IT business, and a new destination has to set a common vector
development of the dialogue, assured the president of NP “Russoft” Valentin Makarov. According to him, Shadayev’s main task in a new place is to maximize the potential of the IT industry for the digital
transformation of the Russian economy and government.

The emphasis should be on expertise in technology and attracting the most promising startups, – said Oberon CEO Eugene Yashin.

“I highly value his professional qualities. We have known each other for a long time, working together to develop e-government. Maksut Igorevich knows the industry well, ”says Shadaev’s predecessor
Konstantin Noskov.

As Mykola Komlev, Executive Director of the Association of Enterprises of Computer and Information Technologies, commented in the media, Shadaev has some experience of interaction with industry,
is expected to simplify the industry’s dialogue with him. We hope that the engagement with the ministry, which usually takes about a year, will be much faster, he said.

In turn, Alexander Osin, an analyst with the operations management of the Russian stock market, believes that Shadayev’s appointment as a minister will not have a significant impact on his IT-backed industries.
Only fundamental reforms of the entire country’s economy can change the situation.

“Improving the dynamics of key IT industries, such as profitability, innovation and the ability to export products and services, is only possible through the economic process
sanitation. This process, it seems, should include a significant number of factors that are beyond the reach of the Ministry of Communications. To solve basic economic problems, the Ministry does not
has the resources, ”the expert commented. Point ministry programs will not provide significant lasting, long-term effect, he believes, and new ministry leadership will
the hostage of the situation.

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