Mango Office интегрировали с CRM-платформой Salesforce

Mango Office has been integrated with the Salesforce CRM platform

Catherine Alexandrova

The MANGO OFFICE virtual PBX toolkit can now be used on the Salesforce CRM platform as an integrated phone call solution. integration
The MANGO OFFICE package for Salesforce is developed by Softline, a partner of Salesforce in Russia, and jointly by Mango Telecom.

When you have telephony connected to the Operator Console interface, one-click calls are available for contacts stored in client cards, as well as automation tools
mass calls – on interest bases (Lead), contacts (Contacts) and organizations (Accounts). The Telesales Console interface adds the ability to ring on
marketing campaigns (Campaign) with the support of their mechanics.

When receiving a call through MANGO OFFICE, Salesforce displays a customer card. In this case, at the level of the virtual PBX implemented “group incoming calls” – when the call is simultaneously sent
to all free operators until one of them is accepted. Missed CRM calls are recorded, information on them is added to the database. Integration also supports reporting

The company stressed that they have considered a possible request for customization of communication equipment beyond the basic integration features and are ready to offer such a configuration of CRM tools and


Mango Telecom | Mango Telecom

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