Продукция компании Skeleton Technologies (суперконденсаторы)

Marubeni buys stake in Skeleton Technologies

According to Japanese media reports, one of the five largest Japanese trading houses, Marubeni, has acquired a stake in the Estonian company Skeleton Technologies. Marubeni expects that Skeleton graphene supercapacitors will be in great demand in the energy sector and in new energy transport. A stake in an Estonian startup will help the Japanese bring supercapacitors to the Asian and Japanese markets.

Skeleton Technologies products (supercapacitors)

Skeleton Technologies products (supercapacitors)

Skeleton Technologies has developed and is already supplying several European car manufacturers with the latest supercapacitors for use in electric vehicle propulsion systems. Unlike a lithium battery, a supercapacitor can instantly give and store much more power. This paves the way for “flash” batteries.

However, supercapacitor batteries are not suitable for long trips, since their specific energy storage density is very low, but for recuperation systems (charging during braking) and for smoothing consumption peaks, they are extremely useful. Supercapacitors are also in demand as a buffer for creating virtual power plants and servicing electricity generation from renewable sources. All this explains the Japanese interest in the topic of supercapacitors.

Skeleton Technologies is said to have developed and is about to produce record-breaking supercapacitors that are eight times the size of the previous generation. The company or its production partners are planning to start mass production of new generation supercapacitors early next year, and cooperation with German institutions allows us to hope that these are not unfounded statements.

Thus, Marubeni plans to become a distributor of Skeleton supercapacitors in the Asian region. But apart from simple sales, Marubeni intends to cooperate with customers to develop products based on Estonian graphene supercapacitors, which means creating new markets.

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