Review of IT-Weekly:

“Marvel-Distribution” took up the production of infrastructure equipment, bitcoin has risen in price by 1 million rubles

Market Trends

Gennady Belash | 04/04/2021

Review of IT-Weekly:

There is little significant news on the global IT market this week, among them, perhaps, the following can be distinguished. HPE Says Record Performance of Its New Servers on a Wide Range
computing tasks, outperforming competitors by 39%. Panasonic and McAfee create security service
cars from cyberattacks. Intel-based smart backpack introduced.

There is a lot of news in the distribution market. Marvel Distribution “took over production infrastructure
At the moment, the production of several lines of servers, network equipment and storage systems under the F + data brand, printing equipment under the F + imaging brand, smartphones has been launched.
and tablets for the corporate sector under the F + pro brand.

MONT became a distributor of MTS cloud solutions, and Treolan became a distributor of Aquarius. Treolan will primarily supply Aquarius IT equipment for data centers.

S-Terra CSP and Aquarius start production of VPN gateways on Russian hardware platforms.

Reksoft is stepping up its activities in the logistics automation market, fulfillment centers, large warehouses, distribution centers.

In a year and a half VTB has completed more than half of the planned scope of work on technological transformation, stipulated by the bank’s strategy until the end of 2022.

In terms of financial assets, in March they demonstrated their sensitivity to news about coronavirus and vaccine efficacy. Brent crude, starting March at $ 64.85 per
barrel, finished the month at $ 63.54. The black gold rate was first supported by news about drone attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabiaand then blocking the movement of ships in
Suez Canal due to accident Ever Given
… Gold quotes, starting March at a value of $ 1,732, were within the range of $ 1,650 – $ 1,720 per troy ounce and ended the month with a slight decline
at around $ 1,713.

The foreign exchange market has experienced strong pressure from investors, betting on the reduction of risky assets. The Russian Central Bank unexpectedly raised its key ratethereby supporting the quotes
Russian ruble. Nevertheless, the competent policy of the regulator could not fully neutralize the risks of the foreign economic and foreign policy environment. The threat of new sanctions and a general depression on
foreign exchange markets affected the Russian foreign exchange market. Having started the March trading at 74.61 per US dollar, the Russian currency ended the month at 75.69. Quotes are
EUR / RUB kept their positions within the range of 89-91.

For cryptocurrency exchanges, March was the month of asset stabilization. In March, Bitcoin was able to update historical indicators at levels above $ 60,000, however, BTC did not gain a foothold at these values.
succeeded. However, at the end of the month, news came out that Tesla introduces the ability to pay for cars with bitcoins, and PayPal will allow US users to pay with cryptocurrencies. More
In addition, Visa has also announced its intention to include the ability to use cryptocurrencies in its services. All of this has created a strong foundation for digital asset buyers. Against this background, quotes
BTC / USD, according to the CEX.IO exchange, reached 58.763, while Ethereum consolidated near the $ 1,917 level, beating off losses in February. The weakness of the Russian currency was reflected in its quotes in relation to

On March 31, the BTC / RUB pair reached 4,418,432, while at the beginning of the month one bitcoin was worth 3,318,496 rubles. Thus, Bitcoin has risen in price by 1 million rubles

Ksenia Sokolova, Drofa agency


Marvel became the exclusive distributor of iFLYTEK voice AI solutions

Marvel Distribution has signed an exclusive agreement with iFLYTEK, which specializes in the development of voice solutions using artificial intelligence, speech synthesis and recognition,
and also on language translations possible thanks to machine learning methods. The vendor’s products will be supplied to Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic states.
Jarvisen compact voice translators are of great interest – gadgets for everyday use with the ability to simultaneously translate speech into 60 languages. For educational institutions
the developer offers the Jingle Magic smart platform, which includes an interactive whiteboard, a table with augmented reality technology and software with a wide range of functionality. Office
The iFLYREC Intelligence videoconferencing system is an AI-powered intelligent transcription solution that displays speech text from speakers in real time and automatically.
translates it into foreign languages.

Treolan begins shipping Rutoken information security products

Treolan and Aktiv, a Russian developer of information security tools, announce the start of cooperation. Since April, Treolan begins delivering Rutoken software and hardware solutions through its
affiliate channel.

The Aktiv company is a manufacturer of electronic identifiers, electronic keys and software protection solutions. The product line includes hardware and software solutions in the field
authentication, information protection and electronic signature Rutoken and solutions of various formats for the protection and licensing of software under the Guardant brand. Annually “Aktiv” produces more than 2 million tokens and
smart cards.

Marvel returned videoconferencing solutions of the Lifesize brand to Russia

Marvel Distribution has signed an agreement with the developer of cloud-based video conferencing solutions Lifesize. This agreement applies to the supply of all the vendor’s developments to Russia. Among
the most popular solutions include cloud-based software for organizing high-definition video communications, as well as a line of compact codecs for conference rooms Lifesize Icon, compatible
with third-party applications and services for group video conferencing (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.). Another popular product of the company is Lifesize Kaptivo, a solution for
automatic transfer of handwritten information from a whiteboard or flipchart to a video conference.

MONT became the official distributor of MTS cloud solutions

MONT software distributor and MTS cloud business announced the beginning of cooperation. Cloud solutions of the #CloudMTS provider have become available for all Russian MONT partners.

The program is implemented according to a reseller scheme, when MONT partners can offer cloud solutions from the provider’s portfolio on their own behalf. The start of sales of cloud services does not require investment from
side of the distributor’s business partners. Affiliate program members have access to free testing of their own solutions and pilot projects for clients for up to a month. Joint team
#CloudMTS and MONT experts provide partners with product, marketing and technical support.

Marvel-Distribution signed a cooperation agreement with Digital Technologies, thanks to which it will be able to offer its partners online services that are part of
communication platform.

At the first stage, the most popular developer products will be available to Marvel partners: mail on the corporate domain, cloud file storage for workgroups and Teambox companies, and
also customizable corporate messenger Myteam. At the same time, services can be implemented individually or in a complex, and can also be deployed on-premise, which allows you to store all data
within the organization.
The communication platform is designed for companies of all sizes. In addition, the corporate mail and the Myteam messenger are included in the Unified Register of Russian software and can
used in government agencies and companies with government participation.

Treolan became the official distributor of Aquarius

After becoming an official distributor, Treolan will primarily supply Aquarius IT equipment for data centers. Treolan has already started delivering server and storage equipment from the vendor through its
partner channel (more than 3500 companies), and from the beginning of the second quarter of 2021 client devices (laptops, desktops, monoblocks and tablets) will also join them.

The company “Aquarius” is a backbone enterprise of the radio-electronic industry and supplies IT solutions and complex technical equipment to Russian state and commercial
structures. Equipment “Aquarius” is included in the register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.


“S-Terra CSP” and “Aquarius” start production of VPN gateways

on Russian hardware platforms.

“S-Terra CSP” and “Aquarius” announce the signing of a partnership agreement, within the framework of which the production of VPN gateways with GOST cryptography C-Terra Gateway on Russian hardware will be launched
Aquarius platforms.

The purpose of the companies’ cooperation is import substitution in the information security sphere. Aquarius server systems are included in the Unified Register of Russian Radioelectronic Products of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. Security Gateway Software
S-Terra is included in the Unified Register of Russian computer programs and databases, the products are certified by the FSB of Russia and the FSTEC of Russia.

New VPN-products will allow to fulfill the requirements of the legislation to ensure the protection of information for both government organizations and institutions, subjects of critical information
infrastructure and commercial enterprises.

Rikor starts export deliveries to Kazakhstan

Russian ODM- and OEM-manufacturer Ricor and Digital Technology Kazakhstan have announced a partnership. The pilot project for the localization of Russian servers has been completed successfully. To date
an international contract was signed, the first received servers were validated and certified. Servers will be produced under the Amiron trademark

New products

Trusted Environment (part of the SCS), as part of the implementation of the roadmap for the development of the analytical platform, Triaflay released version 4.11 of the software product …

Cisco Webex Introduces Enhanced People Insights to Improve Work Organization and Increase Inclusive Workflows …

HPE announced record performance of its new servers

on a wide range of computing tasks, outperforming competitors by 39%. These servers are part of the industry’s broad portfolio of AMD EPYC processor-based computing platforms. Through
new AMD EPYC 7003 series processors, HPE servers set 19 new world records on a variety of computing workloads including virtualization, database analytics and Java applications. On the
HPE servers powered by 2nd and 3rd generation AMD EPYC processors have set a total of 32 world records to date.

Results of activities

In the IV quarter of 2020, the storage market shrank in monetary terms by 24.1%

According to the results of the IDC EMEA study, in the IV quarter of 2020, external storage systems were supplied to the Russian market for a total of $ 165.28 million.

According to the results of the quarter, YADRO, Huawei, Dell Technologies are leading in the Russian external storage market with shares of 22.5%, 18.1% and 16.4% in monetary terms, respectively. YADRO also
takes a leading place in the volume of delivered storage systems.

In Q4 2020, the storage market shrank in monetary terms by 24.1% compared to the same period a year earlier. Mid-range systems continue to form the backbone of the market with a 49.7% market share in
monetary terms. Systems based on hyperconverged solutions showed an increase of 15.9% in monetary terms as compared to Q4 2019. Based on the results of the whole 2020, the storage systems market
data showed neutral dynamics, and its volume amounted to $ 564.30 million.

M.Video-Eldorado Group: in the first quarter of 2021, flagship smartphones costing from 50,000 rubles are of increased interest among Russians, the demand for such devices has grown by 70%
in volume terms up to about 1 million units and by 85% in money terms – up to 75 billion rubles as compared to the first quarter of last year. For the first time, flagship models occupied about 50% of Russian sales
the smartphone market in monetary terms, the iPhone 11 line became the bestseller in January-March 2021.

Huawei releases 2020 annual report

Growth has slowed down, but the company’s results are largely in line with forecasts. Sales revenue in 2020 was 891.4 billion yuan ($ 136.7 billion), up 3.8%.
than the previous year, and net profit reached 64.6 billion yuan ($ 9.9 billion), exceeding the previous year’s figures by 3.2%.

Information and analytical agency TelecomDaily makes adjustments

in the research of the video surveillance and cloud video surveillance (OVN) market in 2019-2023. in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, the cloud video surveillance (VN) market slowed down and reached 3.2 billion rubles. The volume of the Russian HV market in 2020 amounted to more than 82 billion rubles. against 77.3 billion rubles. a year earlier – the market grew by
6%. The fastest growing segment is still cloud video surveillance (OVN), however, due to the pandemic, its growth in 2020 slowed down slightly and amounted to 15% (at the end of 2019, the OVN market grew by

Information Security

Infotecs Company Announces Successful Completion of Testing of the ViPNet Quandor Quantum Systemconducted on the basis of the St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center (SPb IAC) at the end of
2020 year.

The purpose of the tests was to verify the possibility of protecting transmitted information between two trusted networks using quantum key distribution (QKD) technology and the implementation of such systems in
infrastructure of St. Petersburg IAC.

Cryptographic systems using QKD technology are designed to ensure the protection of confidential information, therefore they must meet key criteria: to be domestic
production and comply with the requirements of the FSB of Russia. ViPNet Quandor produced by Infotecs was chosen for testing in St. Petersburg IAC, which meets all the above criteria.

MegaFon launched a multifunctional Cyber ​​Intelligence Platform solution. The platform is designed for predictive work with cyber threats and will allow banks to prevent theft of money from accounts
clients, and corporate business – to protect their employees from mobile fraud.

Data centers

The company “ITECO” has created a software-defined data center at the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) based on a secure virtualization hypervisor from the Astra Linux OS
Special Edition and the software complex for managing the virtualization environment “Brest”, developed by the Astra Linux Group. New IT infrastructure meets Tier 3 provisioning requirements
security of GIS.

Tele2 built 12 data centers in six regions of Russia in 2020.

The data center machine rooms include 2,286 rack spaces, and the equipment capacity at each facility is 1.5-4.9 MW. The total investment in the construction of facilities exceeded 3.5 billion rubles.
The project, strategically important for the company, made it possible to increase the resiliency of systems, create reserve capacities of the IT infrastructure in the face of traffic growth and prepare for the launch of new services.
including VoLTE.


Reksoft announced the expansion of its logistics automation practice

The company is stepping up its activities in the logistics automation market, fulfillment centers, large warehouses, distribution centers.

According to research by Data Insight,
the number of orders in online stores and marketplaces in 2020 increased by 78% and reached 830 million units. In monetary terms, an increase of 47% was recorded, up to 2.5 trillion rubles. In 2020
year, the share of online trade amounted to 9% of all Russian retail. Expected that the e-commerce market in Russia will grow in
the following years
: in 2021 – by 34%, in 2022 – by 32%, in 2023 – by 30% and in 2024 – by 28%. And by 2024, e-commerce will account for 19% of total retail sales.

Federal retail and shipping companies face several challenges. Logistics for the delivery of goods around the country and the creation of a balanced logistics chain. Creature
serious regional infrastructure for sorting and redistributing goods, bringing delivery closer to customers. Creation of a network of fulfillment centers that serve as the “last
miles “for the delivery of goods to specific customers.

In this regard, federal networks have a need for automation and implementation of IT solutions, such as warehouse management systems, order management systems
(order management system), automated complexes for transportation, storage, sorting and order picking. It is also important to create digital twins to optimize costs and risks when introducing complex and expensive technological complexes.


Since April 1, VTB is returning its employees, who remained to work remotely amid the spread of coronavirus infection, to their usual office format
… Одновременно с этим для ряда подразделений банк осуществляет внедрение комбинированного режима работы с гибким механизмом ротации, когда персонал сможет частично работать и в
офисе, и вне его.

ВТБ за полтора года выполнил более половины запланированного объема работ по технологической трансформации, предусмотренной стратегией банка до конца 2022 года. Уже по итогам 2020 года банк
получил вдвое превышающую прогноз прибыль от внедрения новых технологических продуктов – более 10 млрд рублей. ВТБ рассчитывает завершить основные преобразования
раньше запланированного срока – в первом квартале 2022 года.

Образование и обучение

«Цифровое образование», совместное предприятие Group и «Ростелекома», запустило платформу «Сферум», которая позволяет учиться и общаться онлайн школьникам, учителям и родителям…

В Якутии доля выпускников, желающих поступить на ИТ-специальности, увеличилась в 2,7 раза — об этом сообщил министр инноваций, цифрового развития и инфокоммуникационных технологий Республики
Саха (Якутия) Анатолий Семенов.

​Министр отметил, что в регионе возрос интерес к ИТ-отрасли у школьников, благодаря проводимым в республике мероприятиям, направленным на вовлечение молодого поколения в ИТ. Одно из таких
мероприятий — ежегодный республиканский конкурс «Моя профессия – IT».


24 Марта Президент РФ подписал закон, устанавливающий ответственность за нарушение правил предустановки ПО… Согласно закону, с 1 июля 2021 года продажа смартфонов и планшетов, компьютеров, а
также телевизоров Smart TV в нарушение требований об обеспечении доступа к предустановленному ПО наказывается административным штрафом: для должностных лиц в размере от 30 до 50 тысяч рублей; для
юридических лиц – от 50 до 200 тысяч рублей.

Softline внедрила единую коммуникационную систему органов государственной власти Удмуртии на базе CommuniGate Pro

Решение компании CommuniGate Systems объединило свыше 5000 пользователей подведомственных учреждений органов исполнительной власти региона. Благодаря реализации проекта, была увеличена скорость и
результативность исполнения процессов, коммуникация же стала проходить быстрее. Это позволило существенно оптимизировать расходы на содержание ИТ-инфраструктуры и повысить качество работы
учреждений и ведомств.


МТС завершила очередной этап модернизации базовых станций

на территории Пинежского района Архангельской области. Благодаря проведенным работам скорость мобильного Интернета в среднем выросла более чем на 50%, а максимальная достигает 100 Мбит/с.

«ВымпелКом» создал дочернюю компанию «ВымпелКом-Информационные технологии» («ВК-ИТ»). Эта компания создана в рамках стратегии развития центров компетенций, которую Билайн реализует последние
несколько лет.  Ранее были созданы центры компетенций в Big Data, техническом блоке и других подразделениях компании..

MCN Telecom предлагает пользователям Облачной АТС

возможность прямой интеграции средств телефонии с системой управления взаимоотношениями с клиентами «1С-Рарус» и другими продуктами «1С».

В ВТБ Онлайн появились новые страны для международных переводов с карты на карту. Теперь пользователи смогут отправлять переводы в 105 стран мира на карты Visa и в 112 стран на карты
Mastercard. Максимальная сумма перевода составляет 150 000 рублей за одну операцию, комиссия —1% от суммы перевода

МТС будет хранить в облаке биометрические данные сотрудников российских розничных сетей

МТС сообщает о реализации облачного проекта для компании Verme, лидера российского рынка систем Workforce Management. Облачные технологии МТС обеспечили работу ИТ-решений, которые ежедневно
обрабатывают биометрические данные тысяч сотрудников крупных торговых сетей, таких как «М. Видео-Эльдорадо», Hoff, Аскона и SPAR.

В облаке провайдера работают сервисы, связанные с лицевой биометрией и организацией HR-аутсорсинга для компаний-заказчиков Verme из сферы ретейла и производства.  В проекте используется
аттестованный сегмент облака, который соответствует 152-ФЗ «О персональных данных».

Система SAP заработала в распределительном центре МТС

SAP и МТС завершили внедрение решения для управления складом SAP EWM в распределительном центре розничной сети МТС. В ходе проекта создана единая информационная система, через которую ежедневно
проходят десятки тысяч единиц товара. Партнером внедрения выступила компания Novardis.

Распределительный центр розницы пополняет запасы всей торговой сети МТС – нескольких тысяч торговых точек по всей России. В активной ассортиментной матрице десятки тысяч позиций: мобильные
телефоны, планшеты, аксессуары, sim-карты, а также все товарно-материальные ценности.

Ключевые результаты четвертого квартала 2020 года МегаФона:

выручка сократилась на 6,1% и составила 87,5 млрд руб. Показатель OIBDA сократился на 5,8% до 36,3 млрд руб., рентабельность OIBDA увеличилась на 0,2 п.п. до 41,5%. CAPEX
снизился на 38,9% до 19,1 млрд руб. Скорректированная чистая прибыль выросла на 117,4% до 4,4 млрд руб. Чистый долг сократился за квартал на 1,6 млрд руб. до 309,6 млрд руб.

Приобрести SIM-карты Yota для смартфона и планшета теперь можно в ближайшем отделении Почты России. Воспользоваться услугой могут жители всех регионов России, кроме Москвы.

Сервисное обслуживание

Технология Worldtracer Lost&Found Property от Sita решит проблему забытых в самолетах и аэропортах вещей

Ежегодно пассажиры забывают в самолетах и аэропортах миллионы вещей, в том числе телефоны, кошельки и сумки. Стоимость возврата предмета с учетом регистрации и обработки запроса, звонков клиентам,
хранения и почтовых расходов может достигать $95. В результате каждый год отрасль вынуждена выделять на эти цели десятки миллионов долларов.

WorldTracer Lost&Found Property – это последняя версия сервиса для обработки потерянного багажа SITA WorldTracer, которую сегодня используют в 2 800 аэропортах по всему миру. Технология
позволяет сократить расходы на возврат потерянных вещей на 90%. Регистрация найденного предмета, анализ заявления о потере и их сопоставление теперь занимают не более 2 минут. В итоге 60% вещей
возвращаются владельцам в течение первых 48 часов.

Российский финтех-стартап по аренде смартфонов «Запросто!» привлек инвестиции от ГК ЛАНИТ… Инвестором выступил корпоративный венчурный фонд LANIT Ventures.

Сервис «Запросто!» позволяет арендовать смартфон, погашать платежи за счет кэшбэка за покупки и обменивать смартфон на новую модель по подписке. Клиент может получить аппарат в собственность после
внесения всех платежей. Получить бесплатный смартфон от «Запросто!» можно будет при условии, что клиент сдаст в trade-in свой старый телефон, за счет чего будет покрыт первоначальный взнос. Also
клиент может совершать покупки у партнеров компании через приложения интернет-магазинов, предустановленных на смартфоне, а последующие платежи за телефон будут погашаться за счет маркетинговых
бюджетов партнеров.

В системе «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС» зарегистрировано 7 млн автомобилей

В государственной автоматизированной ИС «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС» по состоянию на 31 марта 2021 года зарегистрировано более 7 млн автомобилей (7 175 300). Если шестимиллионный показатель был преодолен в
течение восьми месяцев, то семимиллионный – в течение шести. В настоящее время ежедневный прирост автомобилей составляет порядка 4-5 тысяч. Сейчас контакт-центр системы «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС»
обрабатывает в среднем более 16,7 тыс. вызовов в сутки.


X-Com масштабировала компьютерный парк структурного подразделения «НК «Роснефть»

X-Com выполнила проект развития ИС АО «Рязанская нефтеперерабатывающая компания» (АО «РНПК»), входящего в состав «НК «Роснефть».

Специалисты проектной команды X-Com выполнили предпроектное обследование корпоративной ИС заказчика, включая программно-аппаратные решения, клиентское оборудование, сетевую инфраструктуру. For
оснащения новых рабочих мест были выбраны миникомпьютеры Lenovo M720q Tiny и HP ProDesk 400 G5 Mini в комплекте с мониторами Lenovo серии ThinkVision и HP EliteDisplay. Оборудование интегрировано в
ИС предприятия, выполнен цикл пуско-наладочных работ.
Подрядчик проекта выбирался на основании открытого конкурса. Победителем конкурса признана компания X-Com, предложившая наиболее квалификационно- и финансово-обоснованные условия поставки
оборудования и выполнения работ.

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