Marvel's Avengers sales fall below expectations

Marvel’s Avengers sales fall below expectations

Square Enix has released financial statements for the first half of its fiscal year. From it it became known that the sales of Marvel’s Avengers do not correspond to the publisher’s forecasts. Yet thanks to her and Final Fantasy VII Remake, the company was able to make a profit.

While revenue growth is always good, sales of Marvel’s Avengers have disappointed Square Enix. In the second quarter of the fiscal year, when the Avengers action-adventure game was released, HD Games lost over ¥ 5 billion ($ 48.4 million). Although Square Enix did not provide sales figures for Marvel’s Avengers, analyst David Gibson said: “Sales volumes made up 60% of the plan. Given that the game cost over $ 100 million to make, it only sold 3 million copies or so. “

However, it should be borne in mind that Square Enix’s financial half-year ended on September 30, and Marvel’s Avengers was released on September 4 (on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4).

It is not yet known what sales the game has at the moment. However, Square Enix has delayed the release of the Marvel’s Avengers update for next-gen consoles, as well as upcoming additions.

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