matryoshka, transgender, plunger, 55 sexes and skin tones

matryoshka, transgender, plunger, 55 sexes and skin tones

Today is World Emoticon Day, and in honor of the celebration, Apple has shared a story about new emojis expected in 2020 to be added to iPhones, iPads, and Macs via Emojipedia.

The emoji coming in 2020 are part of the Emoji 13 update, which includes the following:

  • Faces: smiling face with tears, masked face;
  • People: a ninja, a man in a tuxedo, a woman in a tuxedo, a man in a burqa, a man in a burqa, a woman feeding a child, a man feeding a child, a man feeding a child, Mrs. Claus, people hugging;
  • parts of the body: fingers collected in a pinch, anatomical heart, lungs;
  • Animals: black cat, bison, mammoth, beaver, polar bear, dodo, seal, beetle, cockroach, fly, worm;
  • Food: blueberries, olive, bell peppers, tortillas, fondue, tea with balls;
  • Household: potted plant, teapot, pinata, magic wand, nesting dolls, sewing needle, mirror, window, plunger, mouse trap, bucket, toothbrush;
  • Miscellaneous: feather, stone, wood, hut, pickup, rollerblades, knot, coin, boomerang, screwdriver, carpentry saw, hook, ladder, elevator, headstone, ad, transgender symbol, transgender flag;
  • Clothing: strappy sandals, military helmet;
  • Musical instruments: accordion, wide drum.

The update also includes 55 gender and skin tone options, as well as new gender-specific emoticons that can be used as alternatives to the usual gender versions: for example, the same man in a burqa or a man in a tuxedo, rather than the current options with a woman and a man. There are also people in colored medical masks and more.

Apple has shared preliminary designs for several new emojis that can be seen in the image below. Apparently emojis will be part of the fall iOS 14 update. The next update looks set to be delayed until 2022.

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