Megaphone launches Digital Lawyer

Megaphone launches Digital Lawyer

The megaphone has launched an updated Digital Lawyer service that will relieve large companies’ operating staff of routine tasks that take up to 70% of their working time.

The Digital Lawyer was developed jointly by Nlogic. At the heart of the Digital Lawyer ecosystem is the neural network and optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The service offers three products
to increase the efficiency of a large business back office and to optimize its legal, operational and accounting functions.

Document Designer works on the principle of a neural chat bot implemented in the web interface. Through a dialogue with the user, he collects the necessary information and gives out already
ready document. It can also be explained to him not only by voice but also by correspondence, for example, with a contractor.

As noted in the company, the service increases the speed of preparation of standard documents from 30-40 to 2-5 minutes, and prevents errors due to human factors. In addition, it is possible
integrate with any internal customer systems.

The Judicial Platform product processes typical incoming documents and, on their basis, automatically generates responses, for example, at the request of public authorities, a claim or a lawsuit. The system can be
is configured for different types of documents without the involvement of IT specialists. A lawyer can take a photo or download the document in any digital format – picture, text or pdf. system
It will take 20 seconds to recognize and respond. The Judicial Platform will also check the calculations and indicate which wording should be addressed.

The Primary Document Recognition System will help an accountant up to six times faster transfer information from acts, invoices and invoices to accounting systems such as 1C, SAP, and more. Necessary
only to scan the documents, then she recognizes them and prepares them for submission to the accounting systems, giving the employee the opportunity to make the necessary changes.

The solution is focused on large federal entities with many typical legal and accounting processes that are served or outsourced

A similar solution exists at MTS, which launched Norma in December 2019.
legal documents, systematize them, create templates, keep track of contracts, and send reminders of agreements being extended or expired. And if the MTS product can
cost 200-250 thousand rubles a year, Beeline, who also has a legal decision to sell it is not intended.

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