Memories Retold Unveils Road 96 - Procedural Generated Road Adventure

Memories Retold Unveils Road 96 – Procedural Generated Road Adventure

Digixart has unveiled Road 96 as part of The Game Awards 2020. So far, this road-going adventure with procedural environment generation is announced for PC only and will be released on Steam in 2021 (a more precise date has not been announced). On the occasion of the announcement, a trailer has been released showing the roads, characters and village-shaded graphics.

Players will travel to summer 1996. The main character is striving for freedom – he is going to cross the border. In this road trip full of dangers, he will meet unusual characters, the interweaving of various stories and secrets will be revealed. The only permanent thing on the journey will be change. With every kilometer there will be new choices. And the decisions made will affect not only the path ahead, but also human lives and, possibly, the fate of the world.

Around – thousands of roads of the authoritarian state of Petria. Each of them promises different events. As the developers describe their creation, Road 96 is a crazy and enchanting road adventure. The inspirations for this volatile journey come from directors such as Quentin Tarantino, the Coen brothers (Joel and Ethan Coen) and Bong Joon-ho.

An unusual visual style, musical accompaniment with world hits of the nineties, dynamics, exploration, contemplative melancholy and thousands of Petria routes promise a unique sensation with each passage. Let’s see what happens, but there are hopes for a good game. The fact is that Road 96 is being developed by the people who previously created the adventures of Valiant Hearts: The Great War and 11-11: Memories Retold – they were quite unusual and both are dedicated to the First World War.

On the Road 96 page on Steam, the price has not yet been announced, but you can add the project to your favorites. Russian localization is promised in the form of subtitles.

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