MHealth applications operating in Russia await certification and state marketplace

MHealth applications operating in Russia await certification and state marketplace

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Natalia Solovieva | 02/28/2021

MHealth applications operating in Russia await certification and state marketplace

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation plans to create a unified trading platform under the control of the state, on which it is supposed to collect all medical applications that help Russians to monitor
the state of their health using artificial intelligence (AI) systems. In addition, before the end of the year, a platform for artificial intelligence in healthcare will be launched in the Russian Federation.

Deputy Minister of Health Pavel Pugachev spoke about the plans of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, speaking as a key speaker at the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference on Artificial
intelligence in healthcare and medical decision support systems ITM-AI 2021, which took place online in the second half of February 2021.

Apparently, online medical services operating in Russia are awaiting licensing, certification, or some other form of access to operate on the market.

“It is important that people use proven services that can really be trusted and that guarantee the results they produce,” the media quoted Pavel Pugachev as saying.
dedicated to the priorities of digital transformation of healthcare and the urgent tasks of its current stage. Not every personal mobile gadget medical app that helps
the user can be trusted to monitor his health, he believes, and recently their number has increased dramatically, including in Russia. So, according to, by the end of 2020
over 97,000 MHealth applications were available for download, 70% of which are dedicated to sports and health, and 30% help in professional medical monitoring. According to the deputy minister,
you can only be sure of the results of the medical application that guarantees the results it produces, as well as the one that has a registration certificate from Roszdravnadzor.

By 2022, the global value of the mHealth segment, which includes mobile healthcare applications and wearable gadgets, will exceed, according to various expert estimates, the amount of $ 102 billion, and
2026-2027 will reach approximately $ 300 billion.

In addition, within the framework of the conference, Pavel Pugachev outlined to the professional community the main outlines and components of the industry platform for AI in healthcare, with a system for supporting adoption
medical decisions and early diagnosis of patients, including the software and hardware part and the structure of interaction with the kernel. At the moment the program is at the final stage of development and
preparing for approval. Its commissioning is expected before the end of the current 2021.


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