Microsoft corporate customers will be able to control Windows telemetry

Microsoft corporate customers will be able to control Windows telemetry

Microsoft has announced its intention to provide Windows 10 enterprise users with the ability to monitor OS diagnostic data. This feature is currently being tested and is available to a limited number of users.

Recall that diagnostic data or telemetry is information that is automatically collected and transmitted to Microsoft servers by the Windows 10 platform. According to Microsoft’s official statement, the data is collected in an impersonal form and is used to fix errors, create updates and improvements in the OS.

Currently, enterprise customers have only two options for managing Windows 10 diagnostic data. The first option assumes that Microsoft will have control over the information it collects and is also responsible for defining the purposes and means of processing Windows data to improve the operating system. In the second option, the function is completely disabled, after which information is no longer sent to Microsoft servers. Soon corporate clients will have more control over this section.

Customers will now have a third option that will allow them to manage Windows 10 diagnostic data while benefiting from the purposes for which the information serves, such as improving the quality of OS and device driver updates.“, – said in a message from Microsoft.

According to available information, the new option will allow using familiar tools for managing, exporting and deleting telemetry data. For this, for example, the Microsoft Azure portal will be used. Customers will be able to interact with it to respond to their users’ requests to delete or export diagnostic data. Administrators will be able to add and remove Windows-based devices to services through Group Policy or Mobile Device Management.

Clients who wish to participate in testing a new instrument can leave an application right now by registering on the official website.

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