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Microsoft Edge now has vertical tabs

It became known that a curious change has appeared in the Microsoft Edge browser regarding the location of tabs. We are talking about a new version of their display, which allows you to group all the tabs on one side of the screen in a vertical menu that takes up part of the workspace.

Image: Windows Latest

Image: Windows Latest

This feature is called Vertical Tabs. With its help, all tabs can be transferred from horizontal to vertical. It is known that the tabbed window when using the new function is displayed on the left side of the screen, but it is not known if it will be possible to display them in another area, for example, on the right. The new feature is currently being rolled out to beta users of the Edge browser (Dev and Canary).

It is worth saying that for the first time the “Vertical Tabs” feature was announced by the Edge developers in March this year. Now it has appeared among a small number of users, and obviously, in the future, “Vertical tabs” will become available to all users of beta assemblies of the Microsoft browser.

To start using the new function, just click on the corresponding icon in the upper left corner of the browser window. To switch to the standard display of tabs, you need to click on the same icon again. When displaying vertically, changing the order of displaying tabs, adding new elements, etc. is supported.

Currently, the Vertical Tabs feature is only available in beta versions of Edge. It is expected to appear in the stable version of Microsoft’s browser later this year.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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