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Microsoft has cut the staff of the news service

Next week Microsoft will report on the results of the past fiscal year, but one can already speak of one change based on its results. The annual optimization of the company’s staff this time has affected employees of the MSN news service, whose work is partially replaced by the fruits of artificial intelligence.

Image source: RPA Solutions

Image source: RPA Solutions

As Reuters reports with reference to Business Insider, in the Microsoft calendar, the new fiscal year began on July 1, the traditional optimization of the number of employees for this period affected less than a thousand people. A year ago, the number of Microsoft staff reached 144 thousand people, against this background, the losses are not so significant.

Some of the news service staff who were responsible for the content of MSN.com were reportedly laid off, as their functions are now being replaced in part by an artificial intelligence system. You can see how automation is changing the labor market, even in those areas where we are not talking about the most primitive and monotonous operations. Translators, journalists and programmers are now also forced to compete with artificial intelligence for the right to remain in the profession.

Some of the layoffs at Microsoft were from the Azure cloud division. The demand for specialized services during the pandemic has grown significantly, and it is still difficult to judge what factors influenced this personnel decision. Last month, Microsoft made the decision to shut down its stores, and in 2017, a restructuring hit sales and marketing. Representatives of the corporation did not comment on the July changes in the staffing table, but confirmed that the beginning of each fiscal year is the traditional period for such optimization.

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