Microsoft has promised to add support for x64 applications in Windows 10 for ARM

Reports that Microsoft plans to add support for x64 applications to Windows for the ARM platform began to surface back in November last year. And today the company has officially confirmed that this will indeed happen soon. As a reminder, currently, ARM-based computers can only run 32- and 64-bit ARM programs and emulate x86 applications.

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t count on good performance of x64 applications on the ARM platform running in emulation mode. Even 32-bit software works rather sluggishly in emulation mode. However, the fact that ARM computers will be able to run all the same applications as conventional PCs will certainly delight many users. In addition, Snapdragon 8cx-based systems provide high performance in native programs, while demonstrating long battery life.

It should be noted that emulation of x64 programs will work not only on new devices. It is expected to be available on computers with any chip starting with Snapdragon 835.

As Microsoft promises, emulation of x64 programs will appear in Windows 10 insider assemblies in November. However, given the speed at which new features are being introduced into stable builds, it is unlikely that the new feature will be added to a wide range of users until next year.

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