Microsoft hid Xbox Series S in public, and no one noticed

Microsoft hid Xbox Series S in public, and no one noticed

The price and details of the Xbox Series S console were leaked earlier than planned this week, forcing Microsoft to expedite the announcement. But the company, as it turned out, had already shown the console to the public several months ago, and no one noticed it. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer did a few interviews in July ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox games launch, and the Xbox Series S was on the shelves behind him.

The official Xbox channel revealed this giveaway, noting that the console is so small that no one paid attention to it, located on the bookshelf. And Mr. Spencer addedthat Xbox Series S appeared in at least three YouTube video interviews in July. However, if you do not know in advance, it is difficult to understand what kind of box is behind the person – the design of the company’s new consoles is too laconic.

While it may seem surprising that an unannounced console was shown in a video, Microsoft has a habit of hiding secrets and codes as teasers ahead of their console announcements. The company has hinted at its Xbox One X console with a bunch of videos promising 6 teraflops of GPU performance ahead of E3 in 2017. The company also hinted at an Xbox Series X codenamed Scarlett in last year’s E3 teasers.

The Xbox Series S will use the same processor as the larger and more powerful Xbox Series X and a dedicated 512GB solid state drive. But the graphics power in the Xbox Series S was cut by three times: from 12 teraflops to 4. Also, the amount of memory was reduced from 16 GB to 10 GB. The system is aimed at playing next-generation games at resolutions up to 1440p. Xbox Series S will launch on November 10 for $ 299.

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