Microsoft Office for Android gets dark mode support

Microsoft Office for Android gets dark mode support

According to network sources, the suite of office applications Microsoft Office for the mobile platform Android will receive support for dark mode. Writes about this resource Softpedia with reference to the data of the researcher of applications Alessandro Paluzzi (Alessandro Paluzzi), who was able to activate an early version of dark mode in Microsoft Office applications for Android. This may mean that the development of this feature is close to completion and will soon become publicly available.

Thus, in the future, users of mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android devices will be able to activate dark mode, which has appeared in many popular applications in recent years.

It is worth noting that in the images published by the researchers, the work area in the Word application remains white, despite the activated dark mode. This is in line with how this feature is currently implemented in the desktop version of the application. However, it is possible that by the time the dark mode is launched, the developers will change it in such a way that the documents themselves will also be darkened.

Microsoft is expected to add support for system settings as well. This means that if dark mode is activated in Android settings, it will also apply to the company’s office applications. In addition, by the time the mentioned function is launched, it can be changed. However, the fact that the researcher was able to activate dark mode may mean that at least in test versions of office applications, the appearance of dark mode is not far off.

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