Microsoft said that the number of teraflops in the Xbox Series X console is not the main thing

Microsoft said that the number of teraflops in the Xbox Series X console is not the main thing

While Microsoft secured the clock speed of the CPU and GPUs of the Xbox Series X console, Sony decided to use variable frequencies for the PS5 – dynamically overclock the system when the load increases. This allows you to reach 10.28 teraflops. Jbox Ronald, director of program management for the Xbox Series X, said Microsoft could easily use the same approach to achieve higher teraflops on its console, but this makes it difficult to optimize games.

“We are focused on optimizing the work of developers to provide the best possible experience for players, instead of pursuing record numbers. We always talked about consistent and stable performance., – he said. – We could use overclocking, we could use variable clock speeds: the reality is that then it’s more difficult for developers to optimize their games, even if it would allow us to boast a higher teraflops than we already have. But you know, this is not the main thing. The game experience that developers can create is important. ”.

Jason Ronald also mentioned the input / output (I / O) speed of the Xbox Series X SSDs. In his opinion, although the official specs of the PlayStation 5 media are twice as fast, this does not give a complete picture of the real difference between the consoles.

“Such things go beyond numbers, which we may or may not share. Sampler Feedback Streaming (SMS) allows us to load textures and make the SSD drive act as a physical memory multiplier, which adds memory to the one that the machine itself has, – he said. – We also have a new API called Direct Storage that gives us low-level direct access to the NVMe controller so that we can manage I / O operations much more efficiently. ”.

The Xbox Series X, like the PlayStation 5, will go on sale later this year. According to the latest rumors, the launch in Europe will take place on November 20.

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