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Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle Form Coalition to Create Digital Vaccine Passport

Some are waiting for a vaccine against COVID-19, others are categorically against vaccination. Obviously, with such an approach, the pandemic will not be overcome, or it will last for years, if not decades. Modern technologies make it possible to separate vaccinated people from refuseniks and, probably, this will seriously change social relations, and governments and corporations will only spur these processes, but what can you not do for the good of the nation or business?

Image Source: Brendan McDermid | Reuters

Image Source: Brendan McDermid | Reuters

According to the CNBC news agency, today the group of companies has created a coalition Vaccination Certification Initiative (English Vaccination Credential Initiative). The coalition includes companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle, as well as the American non-profit Mayo Clinic. VCI participants expect governments, airlines and other companies to soon start asking people for proof of vaccination. This data must be transmitted encrypted in Apple Wallet, Google Pay or similar applications. And at the same time, the data must reliably confirm the presence or absence of vaccination against COVID-19.

Note that this is not just about the application. Now, for example, through Apple Wallets, users are reminded of the need for a second COVID-19 vaccination. According to the VCI’s idea, the vaccination tracking system should become a global base with integration into all or many software solutions that are related to people accounting. So, a vaccination mark in a digital passport should open all doors for a person from cafes to concert halls and travel opportunities, and the absence will automatically delete such citizens from life and business. However, they do not speak out loud about the complete deletion from life, but they prefer not to answer a direct question.

According to legal experts interviewed by CNBC, “Today it is not easy to say whether it will be ethically acceptable for the state to impose restrictions on people who refuse vaccinations”… At the same time, scientists say that this will depend on factors such as the number of vaccines, the level of vaccination of the population, which will be refused. “Refuseniks” and how these restrictions will be enforced. But since work in this direction has begun to boil, then we can say with confidence that this year we are waiting for digital passports on vaccination and the social consequences of their introduction.

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