Microsoft to end support for Cortana on Android and iOS devices

Microsoft to end support for Cortana on Android and iOS devices

It has long been known that the days of Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant on mobile devices are numbered. Now, on the Microsoft technical support site, more detailed information has appeared about exactly when this will happen.

According to reports, from September 7 this year, support for skills created by third-party developers will be discontinued. In early 2021, support for Android and iOS apps and the Harman Kardon Invoke portable speaker will end. In addition, Surface headphones will also lose existing functionality provided by the Cortana voice assistant.

Harman speakers are likely to remain particularly unhappy with the changes, as they won’t be able to keep Cortana functionality on their devices. According to reports, the firmware update will be rolled out over several months to all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. In compensation, Microsoft will provide Harman speakers with $ 50 gift cards. As for the owners of the first-generation Surface headphones, they will be able to get the cards for $ 25.

Cortana is no longer supported on mobile devices because Microsoft has revised its voice assistant strategy. The main direction of Cortana’s development will be related to the further transformation of the voice assistant from a personal tool like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant into one of the functions offered as part of the Microsoft 365 software suite.

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