Microsoft to help European news agencies get paid for content from tech giants

Microsoft to help European news agencies get paid for content from tech giants

It became known that Microsoft has teamed up with European news outlets and publishers to put pressure on other tech giants such as Google and Facebook. As part of the joint work, it is planned to create and implement a payment system for news content, similar to that recently launched in Australia.

Microsoft has officially announced that it will join forces with European media representatives such as the European Publishers Council to force major Internet platforms to pay for news content they use. It’s worth noting that the announcement came after Facebook blocked news from its platform in Australia last week instead of paying a commission to local news agencies. This decision by the social media giant was negatively received not only by users of the platform, but also by Australian publishers.

We will remind, the Australian government is promoting a law that will allow the media to negotiate with technology companies on the payment of fees for the use of news content. If the parties fail to come to an agreement, then the decision on the payment of compensation will be made by the relevant authority. In the European Union and the United States, there is growing pressure from publishers to take similar measures.

Facebook has come out strongly against such a policy, banning Australian users of its platform from searching and sharing news. At the same time, Google moved from threats to withdraw its search engine from the Australian market to more constructive measures and agreed to cooperate with some of the largest media outlets in the country.

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