Microsoft will buy Bethesda, Yandex will acquire Tinkoff, and blocking unwanted Internet resources will be simplified / Analytics

Microsoft will buy Bethesda, Yandex will acquire Tinkoff, and blocking unwanted Internet resources will be simplified / Analytics

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The week kicked off with sudden news that Microsoft had acquired ZeniMax Media, which includes Bethesda Softworks, which is responsible for The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Dishonored, Quake, Wolfenstein, and Doom. Microsoft’s intentions are clear – the acquired company will be merged with the Xbox team.

The deal was worth $ 7.5 billion and, frankly, seems small, especially given the scale of the company. In case you’re not in the know, Bethesda Softworks is one of the largest game publishers and producers with over 2,300 employees worldwide. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, says such a merger has been brewing for a long time, as the companies have worked closely since the days of The Elder Scrolls III, and the two companies’ views on the future of video games coincide. Presumably, they are the same for all companies that profit from games, but in the case of Microsoft and Bethesda, one important question remains open: will the games “Pavilions” in the future be released on PlayStation and other platforms not owned by Microsoft? There is no answer yet, but the forecast is rather pessimistic.

Ironically, this was not the only piece of news about deals among large companies in the past week. A little later, rumors that Yandex would acquire Tinkoff Bank were officially confirmed. The total amount of the transaction will be slightly less than $ 5.5 billion, namely $ 5.48 billion. As is often the case, payment will be partially made in real money and partially in Yandex shares. However, the full terms of the deal have not yet been made public: they will be determined after a comprehensive legal review and approval of binding documents, including the terms of closing the deal. This means that it may not take place at all.

It is worth clarifying that Yandex acquires not only the bank, but the entire TCS Group, which also includes the insurance company Tinkoff Insurance, the investment company Tinkoff Capital, the virtual mobile operator Tinkoff Mobile, and the Tinkoff Development Center and Tinkoff Education. Well, if this is definitely good news for Yandex, then the current clients of Tinkoff Bank are not very optimistic – about a fifth of them (22.5% according to Oprosso) fears that the quality of services will deteriorate and is thinking about changing the bank … However, Yandex itself has not yet said a word about how the bank’s services will change – details about this should appear after the transaction is closed.

You are probably already aware that the number of cases of coronavirus continues to grow in the world. Many European countries are experiencing a second wave, including Russia – whether a new quarantine will be announced is not yet clear. But the fate of one of the most important industrial exhibitions became clear. The Mobile World Congress (MWC), which was actually thwarted by the pandemic this year, will take place next year, but not in early spring, but in summer: from June 28 to July 1.

For the press, MWC is the hottest mobile hot spot, but that’s just a small part of the event. Basically, it serves as a platform for negotiations between the leaders of the IT industry, where many important things happen in small meeting rooms. True, we have serious concerns that such a transfer will have a bad effect on the content of the exhibition – the first wave of technical announcements always takes place in the spring, and the second – in the fall, and MWC 2021 just falls between them. However, even if this is so, then this is not the worst news in today’s release.

There is something worse – the Russian Ministry of Digital Affairs has proposed to ban Internet protocols that interfere with blocking. The bill was published on the Federal Portal of Draft Normative Legal Acts, and the explanatory note to it talks about the widespread distribution of the protocols TLS 1.3, ESNI, DoH (DNS over HTTPS), DoT (DNS over TLS) that provide encryption of the communication channel. The listed protocols allow masking a request to the domain name system (DNS), thus hiding information about which site the user wants to visit. This, in turn, reduces the effectiveness of existing filtering systems and makes it difficult to identify network resources with prohibited information. For violation of the prohibition on the use of encryption protocols that allow to hide the name of the site, it is proposed to introduce liability in the form of blocking a web resource within one working day after the violation is detected.

Soon after the publication of the news, the Minister of Digital Development and Communications of Russia Maksut Shadayev commented on this information. But he did not say anything new, according to him, this is only necessary in order to promptly block “extremist content, content that infringes copyright, content containing child pornography.” Not that it touches 3DNews in any way, but in my opinion this is a very good reason to remind you that we have a Telegram channel that you should definitely subscribe to. And one more important event under the flag of caring for citizens that you should be aware of – the Moscow face recognition system will be installed in 10 more Russian cities. True, from the entire list of cities at the moment only one is known, this is Nizhny Novgorod.

But so that you would not suddenly feel sad from such news, Russia decided to get ahead of the United States and shoot the first ever film in space. Previously, NASA reported about such an initiative, but Roscosmos decided that the first feature film in space should be made not by America, but by Russia. The first Russian feature film in space will be produced by Channel One and Yellow, Black and White. The picture has a working title “Challenge”, and its director will be Klim Shipenko, who was noted for the films “Kholop” and “Salyut-7”.

The flight, envisaged by the plot of the film, is scheduled for autumn 2021. The protagonist of the film, as well as his stunt double, will go to the station on the Soyuz MS manned spacecraft, who will be selected based on the results of an open competition. The goals are again the most euphonic, according to Roscosmos, the film should help popularize Russia’s space activities and glorify the cosmonaut profession. Well, in the West, a similar task will be solved by Universal Pictures with the participation of actor Tom Cruise, as well as NASA and SpaceX. It looks like the space race is moving into another plane, but we are convinced that this is good.

Well, since we mentioned SpaceX, then we need to go straight to the achievements of another company Elon Musk – Tesla. Last week, she unveiled a high-capacity battery that will be used in the batteries of future electric vehicles, and also talked about two upcoming Tesla models.

One of them will cost no more than $ 25,000 and will hit the market within three years. The car will be comparable in its qualities to vehicles of the same size with an internal combustion engine. Nothing was reported about the characteristics, except that this electric car will have a range of more than 320 km. The second model will be called Tesla Model S Plaid and will be released at the end of next year. It will be the company’s most powerful electric vehicle. Its power plant provides for the use of three electric motors with a total capacity of over 1100 horsepower. The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h will be less than 2 seconds, and the car will be able to cover a quarter mile distance in less than 9 seconds. The maximum speed will be 320 km / h, and the range on one charge (of course, not at maximum speed) is 830 km. The pre-order is now open and the price is $ 139,990.

If we talk about long-term plans, Tesla sets itself an ambitious goal – to produce 20 million electric vehicles a year, and this despite the fact that in 2020 the volume of the entire global car market will be 80 million units. However, given that some countries are serious about completely banning the use of cars with internal combustion engines, Musk’s plans look quite realistic.

The UK launched a similar initiative last week, announcing its readiness to ban fossil fuel vehicles as early as 2030. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce a new clean energy policy this fall that will contribute to the country’s economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic by accelerating the transition to electric vehicles. And if initially the United Kingdom planned to abandon the internal combustion engine in 2040, now this initiative will be brought closer by 10 years. In addition to Great Britain, a similar ban will be introduced in 2030 by Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, and the earliest in Europe will be in Norway – already in 2025.

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Let’s start with the easiest and most relaxing reading, namely, with a review of Hades, the new Serious Sam 4, BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE and the fresh Gamesblender. Immediately after that, let’s move on to the heavy hardware: first, to the review of the ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING motherboard and the Samsung 980 PRO NVMe drive; then to the ASUS ROG Strix G17 laptop and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 video card.

For dessert – some interesting gadgets. First of all – the flagship Canon EOS-1D X Mark III SLR camera, then the Honor Pad V6 tablet, the Honor 30i smartphone and the Segway Ninebot KickScooter E22 electric scooter. Well, in conclusion, according to tradition, the five past issues of the weekly digest:

  • All you missed: NVIDIA bought Arm, Apple gave a demo without the iPhone 12, and Sony announced official PlayStation 5 pricing.
  • Everything you missed: the premiere of the Xbox Series S, the presentation of Apple without the iPhone 12, and plans to launch processor production in Russia.
  • Everything you missed: the IT stock crash, the premiere of NVIDIA graphics cards, the announcement of Intel processors, and the launch of the Chinese space shuttle.
  • Everything you missed: the end of unlimited mobile internet in Russia, new challenges for Huawei and Microsoft Flight Simulator achievements.
  • Everything you missed: protecting the Earth from asteroids, Elon Musk multiplies his fortune and used iPhones for $ 10 thousand.

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