Microsoft will have to shell out for TikTok up to $ 30 billion

Microsoft has continued negotiations on the acquisition of the TikTok video service, which it intends to complete in the next three weeks, in order to surely meet the deadline set by President Trump by September 15. This was announced today by CNBC journalist and financial analyst David Faber. According to him, the amount of the deal can range from $ 10 to $ 30 billion.


In case a purchase agreement is reached, Microsoft already has an agreement with the US government to move the TikTok code from China to the US within one year. According to Faber, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is actively involved in negotiating the terms of the deal.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that the US Treasury should receive a share from the sale of TikTok from ByteDance, which owns the service, as the government did everything possible to implement this deal. However, he stressed that he will ban the application if ByteDance does not sell it to a US company by September 15th.

Not many US companies have the capacity to transfer large amounts of data into their systems over the course of a year, not to mention the hefty amount of money it would cost to buy TikTok. According to Faber, Microsoft is quite capable of transferring TikTok code to the United States in a year, which can contain up to 15 million lines.

Microsoft confirmed in a blog post on Sunday that it is in talks with ByteDance over the purchase of TikTok’s subsidiaries in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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