Microsoft will release fewer usual updates for Windows 10 next month

Microsoft will release fewer usual updates for Windows 10 next month

It became known about the intention of Microsoft to suspend the release of optional updates for the software platform Windows 10. According to reports, in December this year, the operating system will not receive updates, which are usually released in the third and fourth weeks of each month.

The software giant explains this decision by “minimal activity” at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond during the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. Despite the fact that developers usually release several updates per month for their operating system, the upcoming holidays prompted them to take a short break.

This pause will not affect the security updates, which will continue to be worked on as usual in December. Thus, in December of this year, only optional updates will not be released, while security patches will continue to be delivered to users as usual. The pause will only last until the end of the holiday period, after which Microsoft will return to its previous schedule.

Due to minimal activity during the holidays and the upcoming Western New Year, there will be no preliminary updates in December 2020. Monthly maintenance will resume with security updates in January 2021“, – said in a message from Microsoft.

It is worth noting that recent updates for Windows 10 have caused a lot of criticism, because after installing them, users often encounter various kinds of errors and crashes. Perhaps the suspension of the release of optional updates will help Microsoft to focus on creating security patches, the deployment of which will not lead to any problems. Most likely, during the holiday period, Microsoft will also suspend work on preparing new assemblies for participants in the Insider Program.

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