Miroslav Strekov was appointed CEO of TION

Miroslav Strekov was appointed CEO of TION

He will be responsible for developing TION's business in Russia, China and the CIS, as well as launching it in new countries. Miroslav Strekov succeeded the CEO of the company founder Dmitry Trubitsin. Prior to that, the new CEO worked as a Business Development Director for the TION Group of companies for six months.

Nottingham University MBA graduate Trent Miroslav Streaming has 20 years of business and unit management experience. He has led large departments at METRO Cash and Carry and Ahold in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2007 he is a top manager and CEO of various companies in Russia. His portfolio includes work in M. Video, MERLION, Eldorado, POLARIS and others. Prior to joining TION, Miroslav was Deputy Director General for Sales and Marketing of Metallkomplekt-M and previously Vice President of Retail Projects at Moscow Credit Bank.

Founded in 2006, the TION Group of Companies includes two divisions of the business that are involved in the organization of a healthy microclimate: domestic and industrial.

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