MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming To Steam On August 5

MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming To Steam On August 5

SEGA has announced that the PC version of Phantasy Star Online 2, a massively multiplayer online RPG, will be released on Steam on August 5th. It will support crossplay across all platforms where the game is available.

Notably, SEGA has released rewards for Steam users in Phantasy Star Online 2. Players will be able to get the headcrab emote, hair styles, weapon skins and clothing from Team Fortress 2, Half-Life and Half-Life: Alyx, and Wheatley from Portal 2. For there are a number of conditions that must be met, from simply entering Phantasy Star Online 2 to completing the quest on Super Hard difficulty four times.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a shareware MMORPG in which you act as an ARKS operative and explore planets looking for signs of dark corruption. You can create a hero of one of four races and choose one of nine classes, each of which has unique abilities. In addition, you can change the look of accessories and clothes in the game.

The project is available on PC and Xbox One. In 2021, SEGA will relaunch Phantasy Star Online 2 with the subtitle New Genesis. It is a massive update to the graphics, design and mechanics of the game. Old users will have access to both the old and new versions.

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