MOBA Razer Edition Goggles Introduced to Protect Eyes from Harmful Blue Monitor Light

While Gunnar Optiks and Razer have partnered before, the Razer Edition MOBA will be the first gaming goggle aimed primarily at youth and teens. Gunnar realized that young people are one of the main demographic groups that are often overlooked by manufacturers of such accessories.


Gunnar says the new glasses with “natural focus” technology block 65 percent of blue light and prevent dry eyes and other symptoms caused by prolonged exposure to a computer screen. Thin and lightweight temples designed to fit comfortably with a headset won’t distract gamers from gaming.

In addition, the glasses weigh only 21 grams, so there should be no discomfort from wearing them for a long time. A nice bonus will be a case for glasses with the Razer logo and a cleaning cloth, packed in a branded Razer box, which will certainly delight fans of the brand. The glasses are covered by a one-year warranty.

The MOBA Razer Edition is the newest family of gaming glasses from Gunnar Optiks, which at the same time is one of the most affordable. The previous Razer collaboration, the RPG Razer Edition, was priced at $ 99 per pair, and the accessory created in collaboration with Ubisoft sold for $ 80. MOBA Razer Edition glasses with standard amber-tinted lenses cost just $ 50. At the same time, the cost of prescription models will range from $ 200 to $ 400.

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