Mobile GeForce MX450 is one third faster than GeForce MX350

Mobile GeForce MX450 is one third faster than GeForce MX350

NVIDIA recently introduced the entry-level GeForce MX450 mobile graphics processor. The first results of testing the performance of the new mobile GPU in synthetic tests and games began to appear on the Web. According to the available data, the new mobile processor is 33% faster than the GeForce MX350 in some tasks.

The GeForce MX450 is likely based on the Turing architecture. However, the company does not indicate on its website what architecture it uses. But if we consider that the previous GeForce MX350 chip used the Pascal architecture, then this assumption is most likely true. At the same time, the company indicated that the new chip has support for the PCI Express 4.0 interface. It is currently the only consumer mobile GPU from NVIDIA to offer this feature. It is not very useful for a GPU of this level, but the fact is nevertheless interesting.

Below you can see other available official characteristics of the GeForce MX450.

The gap in the specifications of the mobile GPU from NVIDIA was filled by a Chinese resource Zhuanlan… According to him, the GeForce MX450 used in the Lenovo laptop is equipped with 896 CUDA cores operating in the 1395-1575 MHz frequency range. The graphics accelerator was also allocated 2 GB of GDDR6 video memory with a frequency of 1250 MHz and support for the 64-bit bus.

According to the source, the GeForce MX450 is available in three versions. Typical power consumption for the first option is 28.5 W, the second 25 W (model with GDDR6 or GDDR5 memory) and the third 12 W. The memory of the latter operates in the range of 720-930 MHz.

The resource also posted a photo of a mobile GeForce MX450 GPU (left) next to a GeForce MX350 chip (right). The photo shows a significant difference in the size of the crystals.

Below you can see the results of performance tests of the GeForce MX450 in synthetic benchmarks in comparison with other graphics solutions, including both integrated and discrete solutions.

In gaming tests, the advantage of the new mobile graphics chip over the GeForce MX350 in some cases reaches 33.5%. The tests were carried out in games such as Left 4 Dead 2, Witcher 3 and Watch Dogs 2. The first game was set to high graphics settings (result in the second column) in the second game – to medium (third column), and in the third – to low (fourth column).

When overclocking the memory frequency to 13 Gb / s, the GeForce MX450 chip in Watch Dogs 2 was able to show an average value of 99 frames / s, which is quite good.

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