Modder releases promised patch that adds 60fps support to Bloodborne

Modder releases promised patch that adds 60fps support to Bloodborne

Blogger and modder Lance McDonald on his personal page on Patreon posted a link to download the promised patch that adds 60 fps support to Bloodborne.

Recall that McDonald promised to release his unofficial patch to the public soon after the launch of the PlayStation 5, however, due to the need for more extensive testing, he postponed the release to February.

The enthusiast did not postpone the premiere even further, and on February 9 he shared a link to download the cherished archive. In the file description, McDonald warns that he will not provide instructions for updating the game.

According to McDonald, the patch “Raises the frame rate limiter to 60 FPS and, if necessary, reduces the resolution to 1280×720”… If desired, you can leave 1080p, but the creator of the patch does not recommend this option.

The homemade patch is for the latest (1.09) version of Bloodborne and assumes the interested user has the ability to download the modified files to the console.

Ahead of the release, McDonald has made the patch available to a number of popular speedrunners, including Distortion2. A footage of his passing Bloodborne at 60 fps can be seen above.

Bloodborne was released in March 2015 exclusively on PS4, and functions in Backward Compatibility mode on PS5. How exactly McDonald made the game work at 60 fps, the enthusiast spoke in an interview with Digital Foundry in May.

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